Dr. Fattah Mohammed Hussein Saeed

Judge Fattah Mohammed Hussein was born in 1974 and is a federal judge of the republic of Iraq. who worked as a lawyer for 5 years, then as Director, Head or Counselor in various Judicial Institutes and Legal Councils across Iraq for 18 years.

Judge Fattah was appointed member of the Board of Commissioners in 2019.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from al-Nahrain University, a Masters’ in Judicial Law from the University of Baghdad, and a Doctorate degree in Judicial Law from al-Nahrain University.


Professional Experience

Independent High Electoral CommissionMember of the Board of Commissioners

IHEC Commissioner


Las court was Appeal court in Kerbala for 5 years and 6 months. Attending many training and workshops

Thiqar CourtJudge

Since 2004 started working as Judge in Criminal and Custody courts (Investigations and misdemeanor)


يتطلب تحويل المفوضية العليا المستقلة للانتخابات إلى مؤسسة حديثة وذات توجه تكنولوجي تعاون جميع المؤسسات العراقية.

— القاضي جليل