The Chairman of the BoC discusses the role of electoral observation with the Tunisian embassy delegation

◄Tunisian Ambassador: The Iraqi Electoral Commission marked by the use of the biometric voter card

The chairman of (IHEC) the Independent High Electoral Commission, Mr.( Jaleel Adnan Khalaf), received, on Tuesday 6/4/2021, at the headquarters of the Commission, Mr.( RedaZaqedan), the Tunisian ambassador to Iraq. To discuss the issue of international observation and its impact on ensuring the integrity of the electoral process.

The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners welcomingthe visit of His Excellency the Ambassador, praising the leadership of the Tunisian Republic in the democratic transformation through its distinguished role in the “Green Spring Revolution” which is the basis of this transformation, as Tunisia has become an honorable model for all Arabianpeoples.

The Ambassador, Mr.( Reda Zaqedan), praised the great work undertaken by IHEC in organizing the upcomingparliamentary elections based on the international standards with fair and transparent manner, clarifying that the Republic of Tunisia established the Independent High Authority for Elections in 2011 through which it provided a great service to the Tunisian people, adding “The Iraqi Electoral Commission has been marked from them by using the biometric card in the voting process that guarantees more integrity and reduces the number of fraud. What the Board of Commissioners does is the right way to hold the next parliamentary elections on the 10th of October of the current year.”

The two parties discussed the importance of the role of electoral observation, as His Excellency the Ambassador explained the Tunisian Republic’s readiness to participate in international observation in a way ensuring the integrity of the electoral process. The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners indicated that the Commission welcomes all who wish to observe the electoral process in Iraq and transfer this experience to their country; so the upcoming Iraqi elections will become a model for evaluating elections in other countries of the world.

It is noteworthy that the Republic of Tunisia is one of the countries that IHEC have invited them to participate in theelectoral observation.

Spokesperson’s Office

7th April 2021

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