( 50 ) Weekly Statement

◄Number voters registered biometrically since the start of the biometric registration process in 2014; has reached (15,729,394) the number of individual candidates is (211).

 ◄The Board of Commissioners decides not to hold House of Representatives elections for Iraqis abroad.

          Within the changing environment due to health conditions and its impact on the country’s economy, which is one of the most difficult challenges to accomplish the electoral work, IHEC is committed again to the timetables in the operational schedule to maintain the stability and permanence of work in order to achieve fair, transparent, and honest elections.

Since the start of the update of voter register biometrically on 1st of January, 2021, the number of voters who updated their data was (1,181,705) voters, including (20,417) displaced voters, in addition to the new births of the years (2001,2002,2003), who was (279,695). As for the registered voters biometrically since the start of the biometric registration process in 2014, their number reached (15,729,394) registered voters, while (13,425,781) voters’ cards distributed.

 In this regard, IHC calls for the security and armed forces that did not have their withdrawal voters’ cards since 2018 elections; to go to the nearest registration center of their place of residence to receive their cards, in order to participate in the upcoming elections.

 The Commission seeks to ensure the integrity of the updating process by accrediting (3,818) local observer who visited the registration centers to observe the process, as well as (4,344) observer from the agents of political parties. On the other hand, with regard to the registration of political alliances and the candidate lists that were launched on 01/9/2021; the number of individual candidates was about (206) candidate,  including minorities (4) Yazids, (4) Feyli Kurds, and (5) Sabians (4) from political alliances and (27) candidates from political parties.

 Within the process of updating, registration and distribution, the Board of Commissioners issued a decision that the members of the Board of Commissioners would remain permanently during the total curfew days and official holidays in the electoral offices in Baghdad and the governorates in their places of residence to supervise and follow up work, to identify, and address the obstacles that may face these offices.

 On the other hand, and in order to move forward with joint cooperation steps, the Commission’s work continues in coordination with Stakeholders’, which reflects positively on the interest of the voters by ensuring the integrity of the democratic process, and also coordinating with the ministries and support departments by signing a number of memoranda of cooperation and electoral support.

In another context, the Supreme Security Committee for Elections continues to visit the electoral governorates offices and hold its periodic meetings to discuss plans to preserve the security of the entire electoral process and the safety of the voters. Finally, the Board of Commissioners decided in its special session held on 3/22/2021 ; (not to hold the House of Representatives elections for Iraqis abroad, scheduled for 10/10/2021), stressing that this date is inevitable and cannot be changed legally. The council stated that its recent decision came due to several technical, financial, legal and health obstacles.

Spokesperson’s Office


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