“We are doing our best so the next election will be the sobriest one after 2003″

IHEC: These are our procedures for “short-term” cards.

The Board of Commissioners follows up,with great care and attention what is revealing by the Iraqi public opinion and social media, about the upcoming electoral process and controlling the voting mechanism with “short-term” cards that have not been updated, and because the Commission and all its personnel are working hard to achieve their work successfully; To the extent that all employees were working full time even on holidays and non-stop until evening hours, realizing that the upcoming election is the most important elections that Iraqis will practice since 2003, and the institution has been working to be the most discreet for 18 years, especially in legislating the electoral law which it obliged to and as this institution with its Board of Commissioners is keen to deliver its firm message regarding achieving the integrity of the elections, therefore, IHEC (the Independent High Electoral Commission) has taken a series of measures to ensure voting with the non-updated “short-term” electronic cards without any flaw or breach, including:

Withdrawal of the “short-term” electronic card immediately after voting.

Deactivate all electronic cards immediately after voting for a period of three days.

Taking the ten fingerprints and matching them according to the fingerprint intersection system to ensure that no vote is taken in another place.

Bring another official document with the electronic card when voting.

And all this is only to miss the opportunity for those who want to air frustration about the elections, to decrease the ration of highpublic turnout participation. Also IHEC, on its part, wants to ensure a genuine democratic electoral process that represents the aspirations of the Iraqi street.

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