HE said ( We Support Your Work Because The Security of The Country Achieved by Fair Elections)  The Prime Minster Visits The Election Commission Headquarters

        The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners ( BOC) and the members received his Excellency the Prime Minister  today on Monday,22 of May,2023 at the National office of the IHEC ,to discuss reparations  for holding Governorate Elections not Organized by a Region for 2023 year.

In a message of support to the IHEC ,Mr. Mohamed  Shiaa Al-Sudani , Prime Minister ,met with the BOCs

In the presence of the general managers of the IHEC explaining that the elections are means of authority peaceful transfer , and that  preserving  the security of the country is achieved by conducting fair and impartial elections ,while offering at the same time full support for the work of IHEC.

     The Judge  Mr .Omar Ahmed Mohamed  and the Chairman of the BOCs welcomed Mr. Prime minister  appreciate  his support for the IHEC work’s by providing all the requirements of the electoral process .

The  judge Mr. Abbas Al fatlawi, Chief Electoral Office(CEO) explained in details the operational schedule and timelines required for work and the IHEC preparations to conduct the electoral process on time in December this year.

  The Prime minister also indicated the necessity to work on clarifying regulations and instructions for parties and candidates, and urged voters to the effective participation to vote through awareness  and education process .In addition to coordinate with the Supreme Security Committee for elections and paying attention  to cyber security to preserve the security to preserve the security of the data of the upcoming electoral process.

Finally, The prime minster at the end  visited  number of divisions and departments of  the headquarters , he looked out the ballot paper , biometric voter cards ,  ultimately he discussed  the distribution process with the BOCs. and CEO.

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