Weekly Statement

* Members of the board of Commissioners (BoC) elected a chairman and a deputy of the (BoC).
* The (BoC) certified the regulation of updating the voters’ register.
* The Chief Executive officer (CEO)، directed to form technical and administrative committees to implement the paragraphs of the amended electoral law.
* The (IHEC) is working on organizing workshops of awareness concerning regulations and instructions for parties.

Weekly Statement
The board of Commissioners (BoC) of the Independent High Electoral Commission in Iraq (IHEC), held an extraordinary meeting on (16/5/2023); to elect a chairman and a deputy for the board of Commissioners. Judge (Omar Ahmad Mohammad) was elected as the chairman of the board and Judge (Fayad Yasseen Hussain) as his deputy, with the unanimous confidence of the (BoC) members. An exceptional meeting was held on 15/5/2023; to ratify the regulation of updating public and private electronic voters’ register and IDPs for the (Non-regional Governorate Council Elections for 2023), which includes updating five issues: (biometric registration for the first time, addition, correction, change, and deletion) to provide the voters wide field of updating their biometric data.
(IHEC) is making great strides in the processes of biometric voters’ registration, and the distribution of the biometric voters’ cards, so that IHEC can prepare an integrated voter register which contains all voters’ data, as the (BoC) discussed at their fifteenth regular meeting on (14/5/2023), the eligibility of school buildings used as registration centers, and studying the need for secure and fortified change and transportation, on the condition that it should be within the geographical area with indicative banner, to ensure the safety of the work environment and voters and make it easy for voters to access the centers; according to the report of the Central Deployment Committee, which initiated the preparation of the preliminary deployment of polling stations.
In support of the work of (IHEC) in conducting non-regional governorate council elections in the region for the year 2023, H.E> the Prime Minister ( Mohammed Shaya al-Sudani ) met the chairman of the board of Commissioners judge ( Omar Ahmed Mohammed) and The Chief Executive officer (CEO) Judge ( Abbas al-Fatlawi), H.E. the prime minister discussed the preparations for holding local elections, and affirmed that the government will continue supporting the work of Electoral Commission for the success of its mission to hold the Governmental elections, with the necessity of adhering the impartiality in the performance of the electoral process, and rejecting interference of any political party, by any means, in order to preserve the transparency of the electoral process, and citizens’ confidence in its results and outputs.

In the context of preparations for the upcoming local elections The Chief Executive officer (CEO) Judge ( Abbas al-Fatlawi), directed to form Central Committee to choose the (audit centers) in Baghdad and the governorates, to prepare them and study the needs that supposed to be provided for the fluency, accuracy, and transparency of the centers work. This implementation came under what was stipulated in the amended Law of the council of Representatives and Governmental Councils Elections’ No. (12) of the year 2018, which stated that the central audit centers must be established in Baghdad and the governorates; For the purpose of manual re-sorting and re-counting in the case of the mismatch of more than 5% or if the electoral results could not be sent via transportation means, in addition to that, and as to the instructions of Judge Al-Fatlawi, the (IHEC) formed another committee chaired by the technical assistant of the (CEO), to undertake the development of technical and quantitative specifications for the processing, packing, and packaging processes related to the the transportation of surveillance cameras that will be installed at the polling centers and stations, under the electoral law, which stipulates “the commission committed in using modern technologies to supervise the electoral centers and polling stations, including (cameras), with preserving the secrecy of voting.”
On the other hand, and at the direction of The Chief Executive officer (CEO) Judge (Abbas al-Fatlawi) the IHEC formed a committee to study the upper limit of financial expenditure on electoral campaigns, chaired by the Director General of the Department of Political Parties and Organizations Affairs, according to what was stated in the amended Parliamentary and Local Elections’ Law, which in turn held its first meeting to discuss and study supposed instructions. In addition, the Candidates Affairs’ Division at (IHEC), set the regulation and instructions concerning registration and accreditation of candidates, and prepare to establish six (6) training workshops targeting political parties and organizations; their task is to spread the electoral awareness in the legal sides, regulations and instructions of their work.
In the context of work follow-up, the CEO’s assistant for Financial and administrative Affairs, met online with the directors of the electoral governorate offices (GEOs); to discuss the financial and administrative aspects related to their work, stressing on the necessity to provide warehouses and committed to occupational safety instructions and supporting the work of registration centers and mobile teams through coordination with formal and semi-formal institutions, and with stakeholders.
(1079) registration centers throughout Iraq, continue urging voters to complete the biometric registration process for those who were not registered and to receive the electoral cards for those previously registered. (183,541) voters were registered in addition to (85,580) voters who born in 2005. The registration centers distributed (1,140,162) biometric cards, (458,736) cards for public voting, and (629,560) cards for private voting including members of the security services and armed forces. Also (51,866) cards were distributed for the IDPs and the immigrants. The process of distribution was done in the presence of a number of local observers and agents of political parties.
Those interested in the electoral issues, they can view the (cumulative operational situation) via visiting this link at the official website of (IHEC) https://ihec.iq/biometric-registration .

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