Weekly Statement

• The Board of Commissioners (BoC) ratifies a number of decisions at its tenth session.

• The (BoC) is discussing with the Prime Minister the preparations for the elections.
• The Chairman of the (BoC) directs the (GEOs) to continue field work-follow.
• The (CEO) directs the (GEOs) to test the work efficiency of the electoral devices.
• The Operational Committee discusses the biometric registration procedures.
• The efforts of the registration Centers’ staff resulted in increasing the rates of voter registration and the biometric distribution.

Weekly Statement

The Chairman and members of the Board of Commissioners (BoC) of the Independent High Electoral Commission in Iraq (IHEC) held their tenth session on 3/29/2023; in which the board accredited decision of granting the political party a regular establishment permit instead of the party’s conditional permit when all registration requirements are met, in addition to the decision to change the names of the parties wishing to do so, and to discuss the Commission’s preparations for conducting governmental elections that are not organized in a region.
Following the session of the (BoC), the Chairman and members of the board discussed, on Thursday, March the 30th, 2023 in a meeting held by the Prime Minister, the Commission’s preparations to hold the Governmental Council Elections at a specified time at the end of this year, as soon as the legal and financial requirements for conducting them are met.
In preparation for the upcoming elections, the judge, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, met with the managers of the GEOs, directing them to continue working in accordance with the regulations, instructions, and technical procedures that are followed in voter registration, in addition to evaluating the performance of the work of the committees formed to support the electoral work.
In order to preserve the infrastructure for the work of IHEC and the maintenance and sustain of both the electoral devices and equipments, the Board of Commissioners, through the Chief Executive officer (CEO), instructed the managers of the GEOs to follow up the tasks of the technical committees whose task is to examine (57,944) electronic verification devices and their equivalent accelerating results devices. (Electronic sorting and counting) and its configuration; For the purpose of ensuring their readiness, also following up the work of the committees examining the batteries of the devices, charging them, and providing an appropriate environment for storing them in accordance with the nature of these devices.
On the other hand, and within the periodic meetings of work-follow up, the (CEO’s technical assistant) met with the members of the operational committee at IHEC, in the presence of the (CEO); To discuss axes related to the technical measures adopted by the Department of Operations and Information Technology, in preparation for the upcoming elections.
While the electoral governorate offices (GEOs) and their affiliated registration centers continue conducting field awareness sessions in the governorates’ districts and territories, also visiting youth gatherings and coordinating with mayors, members of municipal councils, and heads of administrative units; to perpetuate the biometric registration project and receive the electoral cards for their owners.
The managers of electoral offices continue holding meetings with a number of commanders of the security services for the purpose of urging their associates to receive the returned cards for private voting. And coordinating to open new outlets in a number of service departments affiliated to the Ministry of Interior in the governorates, as well as conducting field tours to sub-registration centers in the districts and territories of the governorates to increase registration rates, distribute electoral cards and doubling all efforts working in this field. .
The efforts of the staff of (1079) registration centers resulted in the registration of (721,415) voters, while the registration centers distributed (966,550) biometric cards, classified as (324,394) cards for public voting, and (591,610) cards for private voting for members of the security services and armed forces. While (50,546) cards were distributed for IDPs and Immigrants in the presence of number of local observers and agents of political parties.
The interested in the electoral matter can view the (cumulative operational situation) via visiting the official website of the IHEC https://ihec.iq/biometric-registration /, (IHEC) publishes the names of registration centers and their addresses; to facilitate the voter’s access to his center, which is close to his place of residence, through the link on the official website of (IHEC) https://ihec.iq/find-your-polling-center /.

The spokesperson
2nd April 2023

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