Weekly Statement

the Board of Commissioners… 24 hours separates between announcing the preliminary results and the end of the polling process of both (public & private).

 ♦ IHEC… the door for nomination to the upcoming parliamentary elections, was closed permanently on 1/5/2021.

 ♦The Board of Commissioners studies the withdrawal petitions to specify if they meet instructions and conditions.

Weekly Statement

With the approval by the Council of Commissioners on the final (8,273) general polling centers, and on (55,041) general polling stations of stations; IHEC revealed that the general voter register included (24,029.927) voters, including (988.435) voters from the newborns of the years (2001.2002.2003). The Commission also formed a committee earlier, headed by the member of the Board of Commissioners and a number of specialized employees, to visit the camps of the displaced persons, and count their numbers, to register them biometrically. The number of registered voters has reached (120,126) displaced voters.

 In addition, (1,079,288) special voters, who were registered biometrically, and their names and numbers were certified by their security institutions.

On the other hand, and as part of the preparations for the polling phase and in accordance with Elections Law No. 9 of 2020 Article 38 / First, which includes announcing the preliminary results within 24 hours at the end of the polling time, the Board of Commissioners unanimously decided that the date for announcing the preliminary results would be within 24 hours of the (public and private) polling process.

 After completing the electronic and manual process of sorting and counting votes of the stations which will be chosen from each polling center, if there was difference between the results of the manual sorting and counting, and the electronic results with 5%; then the results of the manual sorting and counting of all polling center stations in the same building; is going to be adopted.

 In a related context, and in order to facilitate the application procedures for the one-day polling staff, the Board of Commissioners decided that the submission of the applicants’ forms should be at any registration center within the governorate’s electoral office, provided that the registration center should checks the form in accordance with instructions, conditions and obligations.

After the end of the period of submitting withdraw petitions started from the 13th to the 20th of June 2021; the Board of Commissioners studies the withdrawal requests to determine their compliance with the terms and instructions, which are (103) requests concerning the upcoming parliamentary elections, if their withdrawal is accepted, they are not allowed to nominate again either as an individual, or being with another list.

In the same aspect, the Board of Commissioners excluded number of candidates by unenforceable decisions based on the investigations that verify their eligibility , as follows:-

 (5 candidates, stated by the Federal Integrity Commission), (5 candidates for the invalidity of their academic documents as reported from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Education ministry ) It was received from the Ministries of Education and Higher Education, in addition to exclude 17 candidates for not submitting their academic documents or completing the application documents), (5 military candidates, for being affiliated with the Ministry of  Defense), and (40) candidates were excluded according to a response from the of Criminal Evidence Investigation Directorate ).

Those excluded according to the decisions of the Board have the right to lodge appeal before the Electoral Judicial Panel based on the Article 20/First of IHEC’s Law No. 31 of 2019. The Board gave the right to political parties and alliances to replace their candidates within three days from the date of informing them of exclusion, on the condition to return the excluded candidate instead of the substituted one, in case of he obtains a favorable decision from The EJP, which Rescission of decision nine (9) decisions to exclude candidates, while it approved  the decisions of the Board of Commissioners to exclude (9) other candidates out of (35) lodged appeals  . The BoC also excluded (5) deceased candidates, and did not allow the party or political alliance to substitute them for the end of the candidacy period.

 As for the candidates who were not allowed by the National Commission for Accountability and Justice, to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections; IHEC will receive the outcome of appeals within a maximum period of time at the end of official working hours on Wednesday, 30/6/2021.

The Independent High Electoral Commission confirms that the nomination process for the upcoming parliamentary elections, had been closed permanently on 1/5/2021, as the law prohibits transferring of any candidate from one constituency to another, or from one party or alliance to another. IHEC categorically denies what Media circulated other than that, to undermine the confidence of the Iraqi voters in the electoral process.

From another side, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Judge (Jaleel Adnan Khalaf), welcomes on Monday, June 21, 2021, a delegation of a senior staff, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which consists of the Undersecretary for Legal Affairs and Head of the International Organizations and Conferences Department). In the meeting, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners praised the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which revealed a great keenness on its part to facilitate the Electoral Commission’s needs, in all stages and aspects of the elections.

As to the elections date approaches, all IHEC staff work together with the contract-staff all the time, day and night , and for late hours after their daily work hours the whole week; to carry out their tasks entitled to them , and as to the timings in the timetable of achieving the electoral process in all its stages; the council of ministers decided to exclude the contracted staff from the additional work hours which is not exceeded 3 hours a day after work hours.

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