IHEC calls on the candidates under the “accountability and justice” procedures to follow the legal methods

IHEC calls on the candidates involved in the procedures of the Accountability and Justice Law contained in the book No. (1827) on 13/6/2021 which is published at the official website of IHEC, to follow the legal methods at the cassation court to consider appeals submitted against the decisions of the accountability commission based on the provisions of Article 15 of the Commission law.

            This comes in the issue of non-ratification of the ( 226) candidates, and since the Commission is keening to hold the elections on its specified date on 10/10/2021, and because of the delay in receiving the replies, in addition to the press of time, and in line with the timings set in the elections timetable, the Board of Commissioners decided to inform the Referred candidates of being under the accountability and justice procedures.

            Based on the foregoing, these candidates should prove that they are not involved in the procedures of the accountability commission, by an official letters from the commission, or by judicial decisions, until June 30, 2021, or else, the commission will have to implement the decision of the accountability commission in line with the deadlines set in the elections chedule.

Board of Commissioners

June 20, 2021


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