Weekly statement

❖ The Board of Commissioners (BoC) determines the number of polling stations and stations and centers and locations of their deployment.

 ❖ The BoC: The upcoming elections will be fair and impartial, according to international standards. We are working on developing mechanisms.

❖ The BoC: the period of registration for coalitions and individual candidates has stopped; there is no return for withdrawn candidates.

 ❖ IHEC will implement the appropriate legal measures against anyone who spreads rumors and works to undermine the confidence of voters in its work.

 As part of IHEC’s preparations for the polling stage, the elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives which is scheduled on the tenth of next October, the final numbers of polling stations and centers of the electoral registration centers were determined.

after the end of the period of updating the biometric voter register ended  on 4/15/2021, and determining the final numbers of voters; the Board of Commissioners has approved the deployment operation  of (8273) polling stations, which consisted of (55,041) polling stations. Each station receives (450) voters as a maximum number; because the deployment process for polling stations is determined by the data of the (food ration card) and the voter’s place of residence.

 IHEC affirms reassurance  in its message to the Iraqi voters’ people, , as well as stakeholders ,and the international community, in which it is very keening to achieve integrity in the electoral process by implementing the necessary means for its success; It is studying the procedures to prove the sobriety of the electoral process.

 On the other hand, the Commission continues receiving responses from investigation bodies about the candidates’ eligibility to verify that he/she is not employed in the armed forces and security institutions, through forming a specialized committee studies the responses and reports that to the Board of Commissioners to deicide about that. IHEC is still receiving the withdrawal petitions during the set period began from 13-6-2021 to 20-6- 2021.

The Board of Commissioners firmly emphasizes the closure of the registration period for final, and never renews the period of the nomination which was ended on 1-5-2021, IHEC considered the withdrawal of candidates is absolute, and is not allowed again to participate.

 As IHEC’s work is determined by a strict timetable which organizes the stages of the electoral process, and it cannot be deviated from; for it is committed to conduct the elections of the Iraqi Parliament on its scheduled date; so the it is obliged to be bind to the provisions of the regulation (accreditation on the candidates’ lists), which states:- “no right for the party to change its list of candidates and submit new names of candidates who are not been nominated before the end of the nomination period, or substitute previous candidates with others unless IHEC has excluded some of its candidates, and requests to be substituted by others within a period determined by the IHEC.”.

Therefore, the Board of Commissioners decided to eliminate the names of dead persons from the lists of candidates which meets the legal conditions, and considered them valid, and it is not allowed to substitute the names of deceased candidates with other candidates; because the period of the nomination has ended.

 Implementing the instructions of the Board of Commissioners and the CEO, the directors-general continue the field visits to electoral offices, warehouses, and their registration centers; to ensure its technical and administrative readiness in preparation for the upcoming parliamentary elections, and hold joint meetings with the Security Committee and the GEOs , also to discuss the provided protection and preventive safety.

 In order to maintain communication, follow-up, and to evaluate the performance of the activities of the parties at the national scene; the specialized teams of the Department of Parties affairs and Political Organizations, continue their field visits to parties’ headquarters to follow up on the implementation of procedures done by those who have had the official establishment license, visits includes checking seals, documents, records and approved documents by the notary; these procedures entitled by the instructions of implementing the law of parties.

 In the context of empowering women and preserving their rights as (candidate and voter) in the upcoming parliamentary elections,thecommissioner Dr.( Ahlam Al-Jaberi), member of the Board of Commissioners at IHEC, as the chairperson of the Higher Committee overseeing women’s participation in the upcoming Parliament elections; participated in the conference to launch the committee’s plan, which was set up by the Iraqi Cabinet / Department of Women Empowerment, in cooperation with the office of the United Nations. She also participated in the discussion symposium held by the Al-Shabaka Center for Strategic Studies and Research entitled (Woman.. is Voter and elected) it discussed the importance of her right in voting  in the upcoming elections.

So out of the national responsibility entrusted to the Board of Commissioners which represented in conducting the electoral process in accordance with international standards; the Board of Commissioners calls upon the stakeholders to take an active role in educating voters and aware them about the importance of their role in  participating in the upcoming elections, as to that, IHEC will adopt legislative actions against anyone who works to damage voters confidence in IHEC’s work, and spreads rumors and malicious allegations that aimed to decrease the people’s participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Spokesperson’s Office


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