Weekly Statement

  • IHEC excludes five military men from candidacy.
  • IHEC sets eight days to receive requests of candidacy withdrawal .
  • IHEC receives the first report of the German audit company.
  • IHEC seeks to guarantee the right of prisoners to cast their votes.
  • IHEC is discussing with the European Union exploratory mission the memorandum of agreement for electoral observation.

Under the Law of Elections No. (9) of 2020, Article 9 which stipulates the candidacy conditions to nominate for the membership of the upcoming elections of the House of Representatives, which stipulates that [the candidate] shall not be a member of the armed forces or the security establishment… when he wants to  nominate)).

Therefore, IHEC excluded a number of military candidates, whose names were received from the Ministry of Defense, as according to the law, only civilian employees of the Ministry of Defense, the Anti-Terrorism Counter, the Popular Mobilization Authority, the Peshmerga Forces, the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry of Interior of the Region.

While the civil and military employees of the Iraqi National Security intelligence beraue and the National Security advisory; cannot run for membership in the next Iraqi parliament elections.

         On the other hand, the Board of Commissioners decided to accept the petitions of those wishing to withdraw their candidacy petitions submitted to run for the parliament elections, whether the candidate was an individual candidate or within an alliance, according to the obligations and conditions set by IHEC, to ensure that the withdrawal process does not affect the representation ratio of women in the lists.the submission period of withdrawal requests was set from 13/6-20/6/2021.

         On the other hand, with regard to the audit company entrusted with conducting the examination and evaluation of programs and software of the electronic voting devices, electronic verification system, electronic accelerator programs, data transmission, results collection and classification servers, data transmission method, voter card programs and fingerprint matching programs; the German company (HENSOLDT Sensors GmbH) presented Its first report to the Board of Commissioners included (Hensoldt did not discover any errors in the technology, hardware or software of the electoral system equipment submitted during the first evaluation period that would impede the holding of appropriate elections in October 2021; provided that the equipment is operated in accordance with the manufacturer company’s instructions)

         With regard to organizing the voting data for the armed forces and security services scheduled in 10/8/2021; the Board of Commissioners decided to keep the name of the security unit affiliate within the security unit in the governorate in which he resides, if his name was repeated in more than one ministry and unit in two different governorates.

But In the case that his name appears in more than one ministry and unit in the same governorate, one of the names is chosen and the other is deleted.

         In the same context, IHEC seeks to guarantee the right of voters from prison inmates under five years of age, to vote, as the Board of Commissioners agreed to allocate polling stations for special voting in the governorates (Sulaymaniyah, Dohuk, Wasit, and Muthanna) and one station in each governorate. IHEC would like to clarify that not allocating stations in other governorates because it was impossible for the prisoners to be registered biometrically, because they did not have the identification documents required for biometric registration, besides the period for updating the voter register had been expired. In addition, the Ministry of Justice did not provide IHEC with the names of prisoners inmates and convicts according to the data required for registration.

         In completion for procedures of contracting with polling staff for one day, the Electoral Commission has formed sub-committees in the GEOs to undertake the task of selecting polling staff from the applicants who will be awarded a letter of thanks and appreciation from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, in addition to a financial reward that will be determined by the Board of Commissioners later on.

         In the framework of the international election observation file, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Judge (Jaleel Adnan Khalaf), the Chairman Deputy of the BoC, Judge (Omar Ahmed Mohamed), and the CEO chief of the Electoral office the Judge (Abbas Farhan Hassan), received the EU mision of the European Union delegation; to discuss the memoranda of the agreement on election observation, which is hoped to be signed soon between the Iraqi government and the European Union mission, because of its importance in facilitating the mission’s work in observing the upcoming October elections. The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners considered this agreement as an important one as It gives local and internationa messages of reassurance .

         To protect the security and safety of the electoral process and voters, the Supreme Security Committee for Elections, in the presence of a member of the committee, Judge (Amer Musa al-Husseini) member of the Board of Commissioners, held a meeting in the offices of the Kurdistan Region’s Commission and Erbi office. To monitor the progress of work and discuss security plans.

         In an effort to allow women as (voters and candidates) to take an active role in the democratic process; the member of the Board of Commissioners, Dr. (Ahlam Al-Jabri), participated in a meeting held at the Center of Excellence of the National Security Adviser, as the Dr. is the chairperson of the Supreme Committee supervising women’s participation in the next Iraqi parliament election; To discuss programs and work papers for women’s empowerment and preparations for holding its first conference on the 17th of June.

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