Weekly Statement (58)

ᴥ IHEC is preparing to launch its media campaign.
ᴥ IHEC receives applications of the one-day polling staff according to mechanisms and controls.
ᴥ Chairman of the Board of Commissioners and the (CEO) participated in an expanded conference with the Supreme Security Elections Committee.
ᴥ The Electoral Commission: The results of the voting will be announced within (24) hours at the end of the voting process.

In preparation for the upcoming elections, which will be conducted on the (10th, October 2021), after finishing updating the voters’ register down to a sober VR. IHEC is going to launch its educational media campaign to distribute the electronic voter cards; in June of this year for three months, by which IHEC targets the Iraqi voters who have registered and updated their electoral data biometrically, and with their different categories to ensure their electoral right.
As part of the electoral preparations for the polling day, IHEC is providing the human resources who will work as polling officials for the one-day polling. Therefore, in order to submit their applications online, IHEC provided this link ( ) at its official website and its other official social media communications.
The application process started on 5/24/2021 and continues until 1/8/2021 over (24) hours, the submission will be through an online form, after the applicants agree to the conditions and the code of conduct of the polling officials. It was decided to grant state employees who will work at the polling stations, a letter of (thanks and appreciation) from the Presidency of the cabinet, after IHEC endorsed the completion of the tasks entrusted to them, and to grant applicants from universities, and institutions students, and the graduates, a financial reward which will be determined later by the commission .
Based on the Cabinet’s Resolution No. (149) of 2021, which states :-(authorizing the Independent High Electoral Commission to negotiate and contract directly with one of the sober international companies to print the ballot papers and sensitive forms for the Iraqi Parliament’s elections/2021, exceptional to the instructions for implementing government contracts No. (2), for the year 2014 and the obligations attached to it).
The Board of Commissioners decided to address the company contracting with the Central Bank of Iraq, which is responsible for printing the Iraqi currency, IHEC formed a committee headed by the (CEO), Judge (Abbas Farhan Hassan) with membership of the CEO’s Technical Affairs’ assistant, and a number of specialized employees ; For the purpose of negotiating with the German company (GD). The contracting procedures were approved by the Council of Ministers to print the ballot papers and forms for the elections. The company was informed to be restricted with the timetable of the electoral process that is scheduled to take place on the tenth of next October. On the other hand, regarding the technical procedural aspect of the polling stage, the Board of Commissioners had unanimously agreed to announce the preliminary results of the polling stations (public and private voting); after completing the electronic and manual sorting and counting of the stations selected from each polling center. And in case of finding different ration between the results of the manual sorting & counting; and the electronic results at a rate of 5%, the manual sorting & counting will be relied upon for all polling centers & stations in the same building.
The preliminary announcement of the results of the voting will be made after completing the manual sorting & counting process within (24) hours of the end of the special voting. Also the results of the public voting will be announced within (24) hours of the end of the general voting time.
On the other hand, a joint meeting was held with the President of the Republic of Iraq, attended by the chairmen of the Board of Commissioners, the CEO, and members of the board of commissioners; to discuss the procedures and mechanisms established by IHEC to ensure the integrity of the electoral process and to prevent cases of manipulation and fraud.
The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Judge (Jaleel Adnan Khalaf), also welcomed the visit of the Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations in Iraq for Political Affairs and Electoral Assistance; to discuss the latest preparations for holding the elections on its scheduled date, and the preparations made by IHEC’s staff to distribute the biometric voter cards.
The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, the (CEO) Chief of the Executive Office, and the directors of the electoral offices participated in the expanded conference of the Supreme Security Committee for Elections, which was held last Monday at Baghdad Operations Command HQ, it was headed by the Deputy Commander of Joint Operations, and Head of the Supreme Security Committee for Elections, the General (Abdul-Ameer Al-Shimmari), with the presence of number of security agencies managers and Operations’ commanders , as well as the Prime Minister’s advisor of the electoral security Mr. (Muhannad Naim).
In the context of the final preparations for the upcoming elections of 10 October; IHEC addressed the security institutions in order to complete the procedures related to the (private voting) day. It will delete the names of voters in these institutions from the voter register of the public voting register, in addition to completing the final spread of the special voting voter ballot and printing the voter cards for them.

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