the Chairman of BoC , the CEO, & GEOs manager participates in a huge conference held by The Supreme Electoral Security Committee in Baghdad

The Supreme Security Committee for Election  held an expanded conference in inBaghdad. Today, Monday, May 24, 2021, with the participation of the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Judge (Jaleel Adnan Khalaf), the CEO (Chief executive officer), Judge (AbbasFarhan Hassan), and the GEOs managers.

The conference, was held at the HQ of (Baghdad Operation Command) and chaired by the Deputy of (Joint Operations Commander)and Head of the Supreme Security Committee for Elections, Lieutenant General (Abdul Amir Al-Shammari), with the presence of operationscommanders and security agencies DGs, as well as Mr.( Muhannad Naim) the consultant of the prime minister for electoral security affairs.

In this conference, the discussed the ongoing preparations for securing the parliamentary elections on the scheduled date October 10, 2021 , in addition to prepare all preparations to conduct the electoral process in a safe and secure environments.

It was emphasized on the continuous cooperation between operations commanders and governors in the governorates of Iraq; to intensify preparations for the upcoming electoral event.

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