Weekly Statement (56)

♦IHEC sets up two mechanisms to choose polling staff from applicants and students of universities and institutes.

 ♦ preparing a study to restrict the potential violations of the stages of the electoral process mandated to the Electoral Complaints and Appeals Department.

 ♦IHEC and Media outlet: The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners meets with a number of managers of daily newspaper editors.

 within the preparations of the Commission for the parliamentary elections scheduled to take place on October 10, 2021, and specifically within the framework of choosing the polling staff, it has set up two mechanisms for applicants, one for state employees ,and the other for university & institutes’ students, and graduates. The applicants shall have a junior certificate , taking into consideration the selection of station managers according to the higher grade and academic specialization, making sure that the applicants are not candidates, party agents, or observers, as this will be verified through the program of matching applicants’ data as polling employees.

In a context related to the atmosphere of preparing for the elections, the Electoral Complaints and Appeals Department mandated to prepare a study to restrict potential violations of all stages of the electoral process and suggest appropriate fines for each violation in accordance with the law.

 On the other hand, the Commission is working to form committees consisting of one of the members of the Board of Commissioners and a number of directors general and employees of technical, supervisory, and legal specializations. The task of these committees is to periodically supervise the work of the governorates ‘electoral offices through field visits, in addition to the Commission’s continuing training of its staff through Holding development training workshops in various aspects such as the technical and electoral media .

 As for the latest decisions of the Board of Commissioners regarding the candidates of the House of Representatives for the upcoming elections (from the candidates in electoral districts other than the ones in their place of residence), it allowed them and their families exclusively according to their ration card; to change their polling station and vote in the polling center of the electoral districts in which they nominated to be able to vote for their own nominator. The change process takes place in the office of the governorate in which the candidate resides, until 5/5/2021.

In the context of communicating with the diplomatic missions operating in Baghdad, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Judge( Jaleel Adnan Khalaf), welcomed at the HQ of IHEC in Baghdad, last Thursday, May 6, 2021, the British Ambassador Mr. (Stephen Hickey), and the Director of the Political Department at the Embassy Mrs.( ​​Laura Kiles).

The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners welcomed the interest of the British Embassy in following up preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections, praising Britain’s role in supporting the efforts of the Commission through the United Nations Mission in Baghdad.

Last Thursday, May 6, 2021, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners met with a number of chief editors of daily newspapers in Baghdad, indicating to his guests that this is the second meeting his office organizes to communicate with press and media institutions, after a similar meeting with directors of the offices of local channels and news directors. After he answered all their questions ,Judge (Jaleel Adnan Khalaf confirmed that the commission provides the journalists with all information related to the electoral process; In order to urge the voter to actively participate in the upcoming October event: the upcoming parliamentary elections.

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