(55) Weekly Statement


In the time IHEC ( The  Independent High Electoral Commission) confirms that  the date set for the Iraqi House of Representatives on 10 October 2021 is inevitable and irreversible ; it confirms the continuity of its preparations’ steps for the polling phase after the termination period of the voter registration; and the decision issued by the Board of Commissioners, to take off the biometric registration process until The Early parliamentary elections are completed.

The Commission begins to prepare a sober voter register, which was printed in the Iraqi Media Network Press, as to the approval of the Council of Ministers during its session on 27/4/2021; and in manner of  the direct contracting for printing the ultimate public and special voter register, pamphlets of candidates, and Poster for voters registry, and authorizing the commission for Direct contracting with a global company for printing and processing polling papers and forms for the elections of the House of Representatives / 2021 exception  from the implementation instructions of government contracts and controls related to them

In another context, the registration of political alliances, parties and candidates period has been ended on May 1, 2021; later on IHEC will investigate the liability of more than (3500) candidates , in coordination with the concerned institutions such as(the ministry of interior/ Forensic, supreme national commission for inquiry and justice, commission of Integrity ,ministry of education, ministry of higher education & scientific Research )

On the other hand, and within the frame of the preparations of the polling process, IHEC has formed the central committee to choose the polling officers under the leadership of the Commissioner, Judge (Fayyad Yassien Hussain). The Committee is preparing a precise mechanism that ensures the functioning of the selection of polling personnel transparently and independently, where they will be selected from the staff of the State on the condition that he/she is not registered in IHEC as a candidate, a political party agent, or as an observer.

According to instructions of the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, judge (Jaleel Adnan Khalaf), the field follow-up of the GEOs and their registration centers and the mobile teams will continue by the DGs of IHEC; to find out their preparations for the electoral process and obstacles facing their work.

The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners welcomed on Thursday (April 29, 2021, both of the Swedish ambassador Mr. (Lars Runas) and the Ambassador of Finland Mr. (Fiza Hakenen) and Norwegian officer- in charge Mr. (Roor Haksdal).

The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners explained , in his meeting with the three Ambassadors ; the steps and preparations that  IHEC will carry on to hold elections; stressing that the invitations send to number of countries in the world to send international observers; comes to regain confidence in IHEC and its new council l, and to rest assured States for actions taken.

In frame of communication and organizing the relations with the media outlets, which is the basic partner in the work of IHEC for their important and central role in educating voters for the importance of their participation in the elections.

IHEC welcomes all sides interested in the electoral affair, including Media Outlet sp they will be informed about  the commission’s work; to reveal the true picture to the public opinion neutrally , professionally, and honest.

  At the same time, IHEC calls for accuracy in information-gathering from its original sources, also it calls for unifying the sincere efforts to support the work of IHEC,  by urging and educating voters to exercise their constitutional right to vote in the election of the Iraqi House of Representatives which will be held on 10 October 2021.


Spokesperson’s Office


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