Weekly Statement (54)

♦IHEC continues with distributing the biometric voters’ cards in (1079) registration centers.

♦ IHEC confirms that the voters have the right to cast their voices in the elections of (ICR) of 2021; if they have the (long-term and short-term) biometric cards.

♦IHEC gives much attention addressing the process of matching voters’ fingerprints on polling day-(public and private)-in order to ensure preventing repeated votes.

With the end of( VRU) phase, and the seven-day period of presenting the initial paper-based voter roll, and the electronic database at the registration center;  the objections of voters, agents of parties, and political organizations was submitted to IHEC; which in its turn keeps on distributing the biometric voters cards in all registration centers, and printing cards for the voters who updated their data during the update period reached to (1,733,030) voters . Including (27,771) displaced voters in coordination with the Spanish company (INDRA) in charge of printing the biometric voters’ cards.

According to Election Law No. (9) Of 2020, which stipulates, “the voter, who possesses a short-term or long-term biometric card, has the right to participate in voting to elect the Iraqi parliament in 2021.” The number of voters who have a (short-term, long-term) electoral card has exceeded (21) million eligible voters since the beginning of distributing the electronic cards at the end of 2013, and biometric cards at the end of 2017.

 On a related level, the Chairman of (BoC) the Board of Commissioners, Mr. (Jaleel Adnan Khalaf) instructed the Directors General of the Commission to start an inspection visits to the electoral offices. The delegation, consisting of the Secretary General of the (BoC) and the assistants of the (CEO) for Financial and Administrative Affairs, and Technical Affairs, visited the Karbala and Qadisiyah electoral offices and their registration centers; they view the work of the mobile teams, their preparations, electoral achievements, and the obstacles facing their work. The fruit of the visit concluded forming  follow up-teams to follow-up the work of the GEOs, and the registration centers, consist of DGs from IHEC and membership of administrative and technical personnel.

 On another hand, IHEC continues receiving  the registration forms of political alliances, and lists of individual candidates, until 1/05/2021, as the number of individual candidates reached (847) candidates, including (6) from the Yazidi component, (8) Sabians, (12) candidates from the Faili Kurdish component, (16) candidates from the Christian component, and (2) candidates from the Shabak component, (357) candidates from political parties, (22) from political alliances, and (13) political coalitions expressed their desire to participate in the upcoming elections out of (33) approved political coalitions, and (13) coalitions under registration.

 Meanwhile, the registration process of political parties and organizations is continuing, where (264) political parties were granted establishment licenses. (55) Petitions of registering the parties are under establishment. Finally (122) parties that have expressed their desire to participate in the upcoming Parliamentary Elections.

IHEC is working hard to achieve justice and integrity in people participating on polling day. According to Election Law No. 9 of 2020 (Article 39 / Fifth / C) which stipulates” the process of cross-fingerprinting for private and public voting takes place within a period no more than ten days from the general polling date, and before the approval of the final results ,and the violator is referred to the competent courts …”.

IHEC pays great attention to the process of matching the fingerprints of all voters on polling day (public and private) who have electronic and biometric cards (short-term and long-term); For the purpose of ensuring that the voter’s vote is not repeated more than once, and takes place within the legally stipulated period and before the final results are approved.

The matching takes place at several levels including: (Iraq, the governorate, and the constituency), the legal action will be taken against the violator.

 In another context, and within the framework of communicating with Stakeholders, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Judge (Jaleel Adnan Khalaf) met in the presence of the Prime Minister’s Adviser for Electoral Affairs in a dialogue session on Wednesday (21,April , 2021) with a number of representatives of various media outlets at the Governmental Guest House; to discuss measures of voters education about the importance of their electoral participation. Many opinions and observations were raised, those targeting to promote the level of public participation in the upcoming elections were taken seriously.

Spokesperson’s Office


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