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IHEC confirms that the decided date of holding the parliamentary elections on 10/10/2021 is an inevitable and irreversible date.

♦ The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Judge ( Jaleel Adnan Khalaf) and the Minister of Commerce ; both signed a Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration between the two institutions at the H.Q of the Ministry of Trade to provide support to the Commission in a manner of completing the electoral procedures and the process of voters’ education.

♦IHEC continues the process of registering political parties and organizations. Granting establishing licenses to (253) political parties. (63) Requests of registering political parties which are under establishment

 IHEC renews its commitment in achieving the tasks entrusted to it by conducting transparent, fair, and impartial elections, accepted by the Iraqi voters and the international community, and confirms that the decided date for holding parliamentary elections on 10/10/2021;  is an inevitable and irreversible date. Since 2 January 2021, the Commission launched the first stages of the electoral process, represented by the phase of updating the biometric voter register, which lasted for more than (3) months, which is the longest period compared to previous electoral entitlements; to register the largest possible number of voters. Accordingly, the Board of Commissioners decided not to extend the VR period, as it is committed to a schedule of operations and timings that its items must be implemented up to the day of the general poll.

 Besides, the process of updating attached to several consecutive tasks, including the process of matching the data of registered voters, send them to the Spanish company “INDRA”(in charge of printing the biometric voter card). Then the cards will be received centrally then distributed to the governorates electoral offices after carrying out the examination process of the cards, as well as the process of distributing voters at the polling stations and centers; to calculate the final numbers, on which the contract will be signed to supply the logistical materials for each polling station and center.

 As the period of VRU on 4/15/2021 was ended, we have (1,733,030) voters updated their data, including (27771) displaced voters. And (13,755,061) biometric voters’ cards have been distributed, and the update process was carried out with the presence of (4,944) observers from local civil society organizations, and (7,432) agents of political parties and organizations. In frame of the commission’s preparations for the elections; the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Judge (Jaleel Adnan Khalaf), signed a memorandum of understanding at the H.Q of the ministry of Trade, with his counterpart, the Minister of Trade, to provide support to IHEC to complete the electoral procedures and educating voters, by publishing the information kits prepared by IHEC , which urge voters to participate in polling day, by publishing them on the official websites of the ministry of Trade and its formations. in addition to the joint cooperation between the Commission and the Ministry of Trade in the matter of exchanging the deceased citizens’ data and forming a central committee to set up a mechanism for electronic data exchange from the ration card’s database and the updated voter register’s database according to the process of biometric registration .

The Electoral Commission now is working on deleting the data of deceased voters from the voters ’registry and destroying their cards up to (97,000). Based on the Iraqi voter register, which has been updated, to delete the deceased citizens from the database, and in coordination with the Ministries of both: Health and Trade, in calculating numbers of deceased voters. And In line with the requirements of the expanded conference held by the Commission headed by the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Mr. (Jaleel Adnan Khalaf), the CEO , members of the Board of Commissioners, the Directors General, and the representatives of parties, political alliances, and individual candidates in the Federal Court building; to discuss several topics, including the procedures of public and private voting, procedures for registering political parties and alliances, as well as the mechanism for submitting candidate lists for public seats and components.

During the conference, political parties and candidates discussed the difficulty of completing the priority procedures required to register due to the pandemic and the sanitary conditions. Accordingly, the Board of Commissioners issued a decision to unify the period for both: receiving candidate lists and the registration of political alliances to be until 1/05/2021.Continuing the process of registering political parties and organizations, establishing licenses were granted to (253) political parties, while the number of registration requests for parties that It is under establishment was (63) applications, and the number of requests from parties that expressed their desire to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections reached to (118). Besides (11) coalitions expressed their desire to participate in the upcoming elections out of (32) approved political coalitions, and (12) Alliances are under registration. As for the individual candidates, their number was (478) candidates, including (5) from the Yazidi component, (8) from the Sabian component, (9) from the Kurdish Faili component, and (7) candidates from the Christian component. , including (140) candidates from political parties, and (4) candidates from political alliances.

 In the same context, the Board of Commissioners agreed to allow political parties (those whose files were sent to the Supreme National Commission for Accountability and Justice ) 5 days before the date in 17/4/2021; to express their desire to participate in the elections, based on the conditioned approval of their petitions of establishment by the above mentioned commission which will send their approval response later on; on the condition that the party should finish its procedures within (90) days since the conditional approval of its petition.

As part of the commission’s preparations for polling day, it worked on developing a work plan for conducting a simulation process of the polling procedure through which all the electronic devices used on the actual election day (results acceleration devices, electronic verification devices and results transmitters) will be examined by the global audit company under the supervision of the technical committees in IHEC, In the presence of (UNAMI) representatives ( United Nations Assistance mission),  to ensure its speed and accuracy at the polling day.

The work plan included number of simulation processes and their timeline, and the number of stations in each simulation process, the simulations will be realistic, in which full electronic verification devices used with their programming, loaded with the data required for the simulation process and the results acceleration devices with their accessories and software, a special ballot papers also used for this purpose. (Simulation) word will written on all the program interfaces and reports issued by electronic devices in the simulations process, this came as a guarantee of the integrity and fairness of the election of the Iraqi parliament on 10/10/2021.

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