Weekly Statement

►continuous of VRU process.

►continuous of Registration of political parties and alliances’ process.

►IHEC will hold a conference with political parties and alliances on coming Tuesday.

IHEC has announced the final timelines for the processes of political alliances registration ended on 1/05/2021, receiving candidates’ lists until 17/4/2021, and finally the polling day is on 10/10/2021; these dates considered imperative binding timeline from the legal aspect.

As part of its periodic work throughout its offices in Iraq; IHEC continues the process of updating the voter register biometrically, as the number of voters who updated their data reached (1,362,255) voters, including the displaced voters who reached (23,738) voters, thus the number of registered voters would be (15,897,612) biometric. The committee of Receiving and auditing in IHEC examined the sixth batch of the (736,906) biometric voters’ cards, sent by the Spanish company (INDRA) who is in charge of printing, packing and transporting the biometric cards. In order to ensure its safety, and then distributed to all electoral governorates’ offices. The number of biometric cards distributed to voters reached (13,449,075) biometric cards.

On a related level, the Commission continues the process of registering political parties and organizations, as establishment licenses have been granted to (250) political parties, the number of registration forms submitted from parties in the process of establishment ,was about (65) requests, while the number of  requests for parties desired to participate in the upcoming parliament elections was (110) , also (8) coalitions desire to participate in the upcoming elections out of (30) approved political coalitions, and (11) coalitions under registration.

 As for the individual candidates, their number was (288) candidates, including (5) candidates from the Yazidi component, (5) Sabian Mandaean component, and (7) candidates from the Faili Kurdish component, including (49) candidates of the political parties, and (4) candidates from political alliances.

On a second hand, and within the  preparations  of  the  polling day on 10/10/2021;  the Board of Commissioners approved the technical specifications of the forms and insensitive posters related to polling centers and their stations for public and private suffrage, that cannot be used in affecting the elections.

In the process of communicating with the stakeholders, the Commission is preparing to hold a conference with political parties and entities next Tuesday at (11) A.M, on (13 April 2021) at the Baghdad  federal courtroom, in which several topics to be aroused; one for individual candidates, second for parties, and the third for universal and special suffrage procedures.

The Electoral Commission (IHEC) is working hard on ensuring the integrity and fairness of the electoral process, and implementation of the articles of the Elections Law No. (9) of 2020, the Commission has paid great attention to the file of the auditing company after a hard research, as it is closely related to the safety of technical and electronic procedures related to the devices that accelerate results and the devices attached to it and the medium.

The Board of Commissioners decided to authorize the committee formed by the Formal Order No. (3), of 2019; to resume negotiations with the German company (HENSOLDT) which is recommended by the United Nations, based on the instructions of the implementation of government contracts’ regulations after canceling the tender with the (PWC) company.

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