Weekly Statement (51)

◄Extending the period of biometric updating for registering voters for an additional fifteen days, until 15-4-2021

◄Rehabilitation of accelerating devices and the (VSAT) device manufactured by MIRO Korean company (The manufacturer of electoral devices)


 The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) decides to extend the period of biometric updating which started since 2/1/2021; for registering voters until 4/15/2021, for an additional fifteen days; to allow the largest number of voters to update their biometric data to ensure their participation in the polling day.

 The period of objecting on the primary voter register begins in (4/16/2021) until (4/22/2021). Since the launch of the update process 2/1/2021, about (1,336,570) updating cases, in addition to (23,392) immigrants voters were registered. With the continuation of the biometric registration process that started since 2014, it reached about (15,792,209) biometrically registered voters.

  The Board of Commissioners confirmed that the working hours of IHEC staff, contract- Officials in the National Office, the governorates’ electoral offices and their registration centers with the mobile teams; should be 100% for completing the biometric update and registration process. The commission do its best to guarantees the integrity of the biometric updating process; by accrediting (4,355) local observers who visited the registration centers to observe the process, as well as (5,398) observers from political parties’ agents.

 The Commission is working on updating the data and handing over the voters’ cards in relation to the special voting of the armed forces and the security services by addressing the relevant authorities to determine the position of their employees so that the mobile teams will be able to conduct the biometric update and distribution process. On the other hand, and with the follow-up of the Chairman and members of the BoC who visit the electoral offices and its registration centers across Iraq, the Chairman of BoC ,and the CEO met with the directors of the governorates’ offices that reflect a low rates in numbers of registered voters , so they went to find out the obstacles and discuss alternative plans for the biometrically registration process.

 the CEO directed to form a team from the Operations and Information Technology Departments, to oversee the registration centers in the Baghdad / Al-Karkh and Rusafa areas to observe the work of the centers and their procedures in biometric registration and distribution.

 On the other hand, and with regard to the speed up of the electoral preparations which had been set in accordance with operational schedule, in addition to, the approval of the plan for the deployment of (8273) initial polling centers ; the Board of Commissioners agreed on the negotiations’ results with the General Land Transport Company, which will take care of transporting the various electoral materials inside Iraq- by the government trucks assets by the company- from Iraqi airports or its seaports, with the commitment to the dates, positions and paths determined by IHEC in coordination with the Supreme Security Committee for the elections.

 The Board of Commissioners has formed committees to carry out procedures of checking, receiving, and delivering by special records set for this purpose to ensure the safety of transforming the materials and the matching of quantities.

Spokesperson’s Office


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