Weekly Statement

◄ The Board of Commissioners decided on the selection of the auditing company.

◄ The Board of Commissioners decided on the voting procedures by the use of the results acceleration devices.

The Board of Commissioners certified on the selection of the British company (PWC) , the auditing company which will examine and audit  the polling devices and others attached to them attached to it, the software programs used, the VSAT, the transmitting medium, and the servers. These used for announcing the results after several stages to make sure from its compliance & sobriety, and it should also meets the basic standards and the required technical specifications. It was the best among others, and was nominated by the United Nations Office for Electoral Assistance in Iraq (UNAMI) that works in a technical and technological framework in line with the basic principles of the work of IHEC to ensure the integrity and transparency of the electoral process.

The selection based on the Iraqi Parliament Election Law No. (9) For the year 2020, Chapter (9) of the general and final provisions Article No. (38) Third point states :-“( The Commission shall contract with one of the sober international companies that has an experience in technological specialization and has a similar work to examine the software of voting devices (Results’ Acceleration Devices) and the devices attached to them. The Board of Commissioners shall form a committee consists of governmental institutions that are technically specialized to monitor and evaluate the aforementioned company, and submit a report on this to the Iraqi Council of Representatives), pursuant to the Cabinet Resolution No. (276) of 2019, Paragraph (27) thereof, which states: (The Independent High Electoral Commission directs the direct invitation to the discreet global inspection companies approved and nominated by the United Nations Office in Iraq on the condition that it should be security vetting).

A committee was formed in this regard in accordance with the presidential Order No. 3 of 2020, headed by a commissioner from the Board of Commissioners, and the membership of ,the Director of the Secured Communications Department, the Director of the Software Department at the Ministry of Communications, and member of the security authorities, this committee is in charge of referring the requirements of the electoral process to A testing company specialized in examining the software for electoral devices and the medium that will be used in the upcoming elections.

On that basis, IHEC formed a technical committee of the commission’s staff specialized in the technical operational and legal aspects, headed by the Deputy Head of the CEO for Technical Affairs, which in turn held several meetings hosting a number of technical experts specialized in the field of data transfer, encryption, and hacking the secure systems. They discussed the approved technical specifications that must be provided in the encryption of the transmitted data and how to keep them secure; This was in the presence of a representative of the United Nations Electoral Assistance Team, therefore the Commission prepared a study in this regard and the United Nations Electoral Assistance in Iraq was provided with a copy of it; To provide technical observations on them that were accepted by the Commission.

On a related context, and with a proactive step, IHEC has formed a technical supervisory committee that it is specialized to undertake the task of monitoring and evaluating the work of the auditing company, consisting of IHEC employees and representatives from relevant ministries and institutions.

It is noteworthy that the British (PWC) auditing company is among the companies nominated by the United Nations Assistance mission in Iraq (UNAMI) that have made direct invitations to them to participate in the tender related to the auditing companies, based on the aforementioned Cabinet Resolution No. (276).

On the other hand, the Board of Commissioners approved the procedures of the general voting, sorting, and counting by using devices to accelerate results to elect the House of Representatives in 10/10/2021, as well as approving the procedures of the special voting whereby the participation of voters from the armed forces, security authorities, displaced persons, out of country voters, and prisoners sentenced to prison less than (5) years, in which the election law obligated them to participate exclusively with the biometric voters’ cards, the voting for these groups takes place on 8/10/2021.

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