(Weekly Statement (45

Weekly Statement

  • The Board of Commissioners provides more time for political alliances to conduct the registration process and present their candidate’s lists.
  • The Board of Commissioners facilitates the procedures for registering parties and alliances by coordinating with relevant authorities supporting their work.
  • The Board of Commissioners took a number of decisions that facilitate the biometric registration process.

   Hence the statistics  pointed the decrease of number of alliances registered in the past period which started in 9/1/2021, where (4) political alliances only have been registered, in addition to (6) coalitions that expressed their desire to participate in the next election.

 The Independent High Electoral commission is keening to preserve the right of the the public interest and the right of the Iraqi voter, the Board of Commissioners issued a decision to extend the registration period for political alliances until 2/27/2021. In order to give more time for political alliances to complete the registration process and submit their candidate lists, in addition to update the data of the parties affiliated with previously registered coalitions. the total statistics of the political alliances registered with the commission was (29) coalitions. (25) were accredited in (2018). (6) alliances are desiring to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Only (4) alliances have been registered, and (9) alliances are in the process of being established in 2021.

In the same context, IHEC has worked hard to facilitate the procedures for registering parties and alliances by coordinating with the bodies that support their work, including (the Supreme National Commission for Accountability and Justice, the Ministry of  Interior / Criminal Evidence, the Integrity Commission, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the Ministry of Education) that are concerned with auditing documents  that are submitted from the  political alliances and candidates to act on these disposals within a period not exceeding (15) days.

Among the facilities in the matter of parties registration ; the board of commissioners has instructed  the Directorate of  Political Parties and Organizations’ Affairs, to adopt instructions of facilitating the implementation of the Political Parties Law; Which stipulate granting (conditioned license ) to parties wishing to participate in the elections before the end of the period of alliances registration  in the 27th  of  February, as well as granting the is granting conditioned license to alliances, political parties, and individual candidates who wish to run for elections by being included in the parties’ lists before the end of the period of receiving candidates’ lists in the 1st of  next March.

 The Commission has granted a certificate of incorporation for (238) political parties a since 2015, and (68) parties under establishment. Where (77) party from the registered parties,   have expressed their desire to participate in the upcoming elections.

With regard to the phase of registering candidates for the next Parliament election, it has started according to the timetable of operations in 9- 1-2021 until 1/3/2021.

The total number until 2/16/2021 has reached (58) individual candidates in the governorates, while the political parties or alliance did not submitted the lists of their candidates until now, except one alliance which submit one candidate name.

On the other hand, the Board of Commissioners issued  number of decisions that facilitate the biometric registration process for the voters, which amounted to (15,336,691) registered voters, including (877,223) voters who updated their data, and (10.508) registered displaced voters. The Board of Commissioners agreed to exclude children from the process of unchanging , and allowing them to carry out the process of changing the polling center from one constituency to another within the governorate or from one governorate to another after submitting the identification documents with the ration card for those not previously registered.  as well as allowing the voters who are included in the general voting and residing in governorates other than their original governorates to be registered biometrically in any governorate they resident in, provided that they could cast their votes in polling day in their original  for their candidates in their constituencies.

Among the facilities provided to serve the Iraqi voter; is the expansion of the biometric voter card distribution’ points, which  were distributed exclusively in the registration centers , now they are distributed in the registration centers in addition to the polling centers that are associated to them; this to expand the distribution of the biometric cards.

In terms of technical preparations, the Electoral Commission completed the process of rehabilitating and maintaining the results acceleration devices, which amounted to 63,000 devices, in cooperation with the Korean company Miro, which manufactured these devices, which in turn held a training workshop for equipment maintenance for the  specialized technical IHEC staff, who in turn would undertake the task of training the rest of the specialized staff in Provincial electoral offices and hierarchically.

Within the framework of coordination and joint work with state institutions and agencies, Mr. (Jalil Adnan Khalaf), Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, signed with the Minister of Justice a memorandum of supporting to support the work of the Commission; to conduct fair and impartial parliamentary elections in accordance with international standards.

In the context of continuous coordination, Mr. (Abbas Al-Fatlawi), the CEO Chief Executive Officer, and head of the committee of (media education) hold a joint meeting with members of the committee. This meeting was organized by the  Office of Governmental  Media &Communication  , in coordination with the IHEC, it was attended by representatives of ministries and bodies not associated with a ministry, in the meeting these official institutions, were asked to urge all of their employees to be aware of the importance of updating their data by the biometric registration process for the success of the democratic process in Iraq.

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