Weekly Statement

▪ IHEC participates in the 16-day campaign to combat violence against women
▪ GEOs work to spread the electoral culture among high school students and universities in the governorates
▪ Registration of (106,925) new-borns for the year 2004.

The board of Commissioners (BoC) of the Independent High Electoral Commission in Iraq (IHEC ) has been working on creating a sober and consistent database which includes all the data of the previous candidates since the establishment of the commission, this task will be done by the department of (Candidates Affairs ). the board of commissioners decided to terminate the referables of candidates since (2014-2018 ), and under the formal letters issued by the Supreme National Commission for accountability and Justice; the BOC cancelled the ratification of candidates who have been covered by the procedures of the Supreme National Commission for accountability and Justice law.
IHEC is committed to implement what stipulated in articles of the (political parties Law) No. (36) of 2015, article (39) said that “the party should submit an annual report on its financial accounts to the (Federal Board Of Supreme Audit)”
Therefore, the Department of political parties and organizations continues communicating with political parties who have to prepare and submit their financial reports/ annual final accounts of registered parties, and sending them to the Federal Supreme Board for financial Audit), also it is monitoring, following up and evaluating how the political parties were committed to implement the provisions of the law.
Within the regular meetings, the judge, chairman of the board of Commissioners, chaired an expanded meeting with the director of the Nineveh Governorate electoral office and the directors of the registration centers of the first district in the governorate, in the presence of the secretary general of the board of Commissioners and the administrative and financial director general through the electronic Department, for the purpose of communicating and following up the tasks assigned to them and reviewing the work progress in the technical, administrative and financial aspects while providing the necessary needs for the requirements of the work to ensure the achievement of comprehensive quality items in electoral work.
Coinciding with the International Day for the elimination of Violence Against Women, IHEC has participated in the 16-day campaign to eliminate violence against women launched by UN for Women since 2008, as the board of commissioners directed to hold educational seminars to celebrate this day in the national office and the offices of the electoral provinces, as well as continuing to coordinate work with the relevant authorities to rise awareness among women to participate in future electoral entitlements, as cooperation was established between the women’s empowerment team in the GEOs and the offices of Kurdistan Region Electoral offices, with the community police and civil society organizations; on urging women to register their biometric data, to receive their voter cards, and how to deal with electronic blackmail to eliminate this phenomenon.
On the other hand, the efforts of the governor electoral offices GEOs, are focusing on spreading the electoral culture among the preparatory and university students in their provinces, as they started by holding educational seminars which explains the importance of biometric registration to urge them to participate in the elections, and this was accompanied by mobile- teams conducting the biometric registration process for previously unregistered and new-borns voters .
In order to expand the biometric registration geographic area to include all different categories of voters, IHEC continues its Media campaign which coincided with both processes :- the biometric registration, and distribution of the Biometric Voters Cards. So in order to urge Voters to participate in the elections which will lead to wide participation in future benefits.
Therefore, IHEC worked via the Department of information and Mass Communication to produce video materials (graphic) targeting all segments of voters, especially women to urge them to register their biometric data.
Cooperation was also established between both departments, the operations and public communication; to produce (pamphlets) on the most common questions to benefit from them in answering citizens ‘ inquiries received through the call center.
Efforts are also being made to document the October 10th elections 2021 ,by producing documentary video materials, reports and brochures which documenting that period.
In another context, both the chairman of the board of Commissioners, and the chief executive officer (CEO) are following up the efforts of employees in registration centers in GEOs , and the mechanism of implementing the biometric registration process , as about (436,431) voters were registered , including (106,925) new-borns voters of 2004. while IHEC has distributed (94,142) biometric cards for public voting, and (452,597) biometric cards for private voting. Also (44,824) biometric cards was distributed for IDPs. This was in the presence of (1,567) local observers and (235) political party agents.
the communication center unit at the national office continues answering voters ‘ inquiries through the toll-free number (5667).
The interested in electoral affairs could see the cumulative operational situation via visiting the following link in the official website of IHEC (https://ihec.iq/biometric-registration/ )

The spokesperson
3rd of December 2022

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