Weekly Statement

IHEC is interested of being informed with the International Electoral experiences to derive the important lessons from them; for their great impact in the field of exchanging experiences, as for that, the Chairman of the board of Commissioners (BoC) explained in his meeting with H. E the Indian Ambassador at IHEC’S H. Q who visited Iraq; the mechanism of conducting the parliamentary elections for 2021, the chairman has been aware of the electoral experience in India that took place over the past decades until the last elections , that had been conducted in 2019, as India is one of the countries that have well-established experiences in the electoral issues .
In line with the DEVELOPMENT APPROACH methodology which was adopted by IHEC , it is working with the initiative strategy which is aiming to improve the functional performance of the institution and the development of the staff by the Department of ( Quality Management and institutional development) , through setting a mechanism of cooperation with the National Centre for administrative development and information technology; to hold training workshops to work in accordance with the requirements of the international quality standards (ISO:9001) for the year 2015.
In a related matter, and in order to increase the electoral awareness in state’s institutions and departments; all GEOs and under the guidance of the Board of commissioners, are working to hold dialogue seminars and training workshops for government employees to serve the process of raising the ratia of both: the biometric registration and distribution of biometric voter cards’ processes. governorates electoral offices are also working to hold meetings with a number of leaders of the security services; to urge their affiliates to receive their returned electoral cards for the private voting, and to open new outlets in a number of service departments affiliated to the Ministry of Interior in the governorates .
At the technical level, IHEC , through its specialized committees, continues to supervise and follow-up the registration and distribution of the Biometric Voters’ Cards in the registration centers spread throughout Iraq, as(282313) voter were registered, while (467204) biometric cards were distributed. the Electoral Commission is also conducting mobile teams to government institutions and residential areas in coordination with the competent security authorities to register voters in order to increase the percentage of biometric registration, and the institution has allocated a toll-free phone number ( 5667) to receive voters’ inquiries and to solve their problems and find solutions to obstacles they face and which may encountered in both processes in order to overcome them.
Those interested in electoral affairs, they can view the cumulative operational situation of the biometric registration and distribution processes via visiting the official website of the Electoral Commission (https://ihec.iq/biometric-registration/ ).
In order to confirm the permanence of the standards of justice and integrity according to which the elections were held in October last year, IHEC is following up the lawsuits in the competent courts related to violators of the commission’s legal procedures regarding the intersection of fingerprints in line with the law on the election of the Iraqi Council of Representatives No. 9 of 2020.


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