Weekly Statement

IHEC held a series of periodic meetings with the team of the International Foundation for electoral systems ( IFES) to ripening the fife year plan (2023_2027) and discussing its items and the mechanisms of its implementation, monitoring and evaluation as it is the supporting side to the plan .
In order to build a solid and up-to-date electoral register and under the direct instructions of the (CEO) on the necessity to achieve this goal, the GEOs are continuing their communication with all voters through meetings and official field visits, where representatives of these governorate offices in Basra, Qadisiya and Najaf Al-Ashraf, keep communicating with the officials of the government’s institutions in these provinces for the purpose of coordination and cooperation in deploying mobile teams in the departments to conduct the biometric registration process.
Following the same approach, and as to the importance of electoral awareness and education, the offices of the electoral governorates, including the offices of Diyala, Sulaymaniyah, Dohuk , Babylon, Anbar, Nineveh, conducted a number of field visits to the state’s institutions in order to coordinate the holding of educational seminars and workshops to urge their employees to register their biometric data and receive their biometric voter’s cards, as well as conducting a number of field awareness workshops in the governorate’s districts and areas, and visiting gatherings of young people in coordination with the district’s dean with cooperation with deans’ Association , members of municipal councils, and heads of administrative units.
In a related matter, the Electoral Commission is interested in the category of people with special needs to facilitate their participation in the electoral process; through the development of awareness programs and educational plans to encourage them to visit the registration centers to register their biometric data , and receive their biometric cards .
On the other hand, with the adoption of transparency principle and to support the biometric registration process; IHEC works through its electoral offices to communicate with the bodies supporting its work in biometric registration process , so the electoral offices in Erbil, Babylon and Karbala worked to communicate with civil society organizations, monitoring networks, associations, Unionization and local media in the governorate, to inform them about the progress of work in the registration centers and the ratio of registration and distribution processes .
As for that, IHEC registered (270885) voters biometrically , and distributed (454,191) biometric cards, ) 55679) cards for the general voting, and (362406) voting cards for the special voting ( security services and the armed forces). while the IDPs ‘ cards were about (36106) card. both processes are carried out in the presence of (1232) local observer, and (178) political party agent.
For Those interested in electoral affairs can view the cumulative operational situation of the biometric registration and distribution processes through the official website of the Electoral Commission https://ihec.iq/biometric-registration/
In this regard, the commission has allocated a toll-free telephone number (5667) to receive voters ‘ inquiries, as well as to raise problems and obstacles that they may face in the two processes in order to overcome them.

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