The weekly Statement

In line with the strategic vision of the Board of Commissioners (BoC) in conducting the upcoming electoral event based on the international standards to achieve integrity, justice, transparency and impartiality; the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Judge (Jaleel Adnan Khalaf) has been working hard on implementing these standards in an ideal manner.

 Communication continues with the experts of (UNAMI) the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, in order to keep pace with the preparations and arrangements undertaken by IHEC’s formations in the National Office and all GEOs by providing them with support and technical advice, in a way that contributes in the success of the parliamentary elections on 10th of next October.

As for the electoral preparations, IHEC prepared all the logistical aspects represented by the non-sensitive materials, including the ballot kits and inks; For the purpose of distributing them to the GEOs.

In order to Achieve integrity and transparency over the process of  voting, the Board of Commissioners ratified the powers of the university professors who will be the supervisors in the polling stations, and who will announce the opening of the polling centers and its stations, and also announcing the start of voting, the closing of the center, and the ending of the voting, according to the times specified by the BoC, as well as following up the flow of the voters’ movement inside the center, and declaring the station which will be opened via lottery ; to conduct manual sorting and counting, where the BoC will grant a financial reward of (250,000) Iraqi dinars for these scientific elites.

For the sake of the framing of the communication strategy with the stakeholders, the BoC is keening to communicate with various media outlets; confirming at the same time, the important role of the media outlets in spreading electoral awareness, that’s why the IHEC’s Training and Development Department is holding an electoral education workshop for number of media professionals in cooperation with the United Nations Assistance Mission (UNAMI). This workshop includes an explanation of voting procedures for public and private voting, the electoral campaign system, and the complaints and appeals system.

 In order to safeguard the security of the electoral process and its safety, and provide a secure environment for voters and candidates, and the necessary protection for all GEOs; the Supreme Election Security Committee continues, through its formations, to hold its periodic security meetings, and to communicate with all GEOs; To follow up on and address the security plans & procedures in each governorate.

 the Board of Commissioners is paying a great importance to enable women to participate in the upcoming electoral process, so IHEC held its third training course targeting the female candidates as part of the training program related to Electoral Law No. 9 of 2020, as the program was implemented in cooperation with the United Nations Women (UN women) in coordination with the National Security Advisory / Center of Excellence, and under the direct supervision of a member of the Board of Commissioners, Dr. (Ahlam Al-Jaberi), head of the Supreme Committee for the Empowerment of Women. She also participated in the meeting of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers; to discuss the mechanisms for implementing a quota for women in the system of distributing seats for the House of Representatives for the year 2021.

 In the frame of the international support for the work of the IHEC, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has submitted a cyber security questionnaire for the IHEC internal IT systems, which aims to evaluate the security of electronic information and promote correct cyber security practices for IHEC staff.

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