Weekly Statement

IHEC conducts an electronic lottery for the selection of polling staff in public, supported bythe United Nations Assistance Mission(UNAMI), and in the presence of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES).

The Board of Commissioners decided toprovide the candidates and agents of the political parties; with a copy of the ballot papers& report of the P-COS’s Results.

IHEC is following up on the work of the GEOsand their registration centers; to keep pace with the workflow and upgrade it.

The current stage requires the concerted efforts of the media outlets, Stakeholders, andthe civil society, in order to enhance the voter’s confidence in the upcoming elections, for which IHEC has harnessed all its energies and resources to achieve the success of the processto send a message of insurance to the Iraqi people that it is keening to achieve the integrity of the electoral process under the transparent standards in its work. From this aspect, the electronic lottery was conducted to select the polling staff on Thursday, 26thof August, 2021in public, with the support of the United Nations Assistance Mission (UNAMI), and in the presence of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), with number of partners in the electoral process and media outlets.

The process of selecting polling officials on of the basics of conducting the elections on the 10th, October, 2021, where (553,828) polling officials were distributed throughout Iraq at the level of the registration center in the constituency, IHEC will begin training them on voting procedures for private and public voting in cooperation with (IFES) for two weeksstarted from 1/9/2021.

On a related context, and to consolidate the electoral process, and after the success of the second simulation process that was conducted throughout Iraq in (1079) polling stations for public and private voting; IHEC is preparing to conduct the third simulation next September, which is scheduled to be conducted by polling officials after completing their training.

In line with the transparency standard whichguarantees the integrity of the electoral processbased on Article (38/Seventh) of the Elections Law No. (9) of 2020- the Board of Commissioners has issued a decision to provide agents and candidates of the political partieswith a copy of the P-COS report related to the announcement of results, and a copy of the ballot papers for each station, downloaded on a memory stick before connected to the (VSAT)and the electronic network, as well as the adoption of a manual lottery in selecting and specifying the station at which the manual counting and sorting process will take place.

On the other hand, and to organize the work of observers, media professionals and political party agents, IHEC has begun accrediting themand distributing their identification cardsthrough all GEOs, in addition to accredit theinternational media at the National Office; Therefore, IHEC calls on observers who are wishing to participate in observing the elections,to speed up the review of their accreditation process.

In the frame of communicating with the collaborative institutions to support women’s participation in the upcoming elections, IHECin cooperation with UN of Women, organized a training workshop which its goal is to train thecivil society organizations and representatives of political entities, to increase gender balance in decision-making, and to include electoral plans and special decisions of empowering the role of women in the upcoming elections, with attendance of Dr.( Ahlam Al-Jabery), member of the Board of Commissioners( the Head of the Women Empowerment Committee), withlarge number of organizations and political entities representatives participated who attendthe workshop.

As the electoral event is approaching, the Chairman and members of the Board of Commissioners and DGs; continue their direct following-up the work of the GEOs and their registration centers; To keep up with the workflow and promote it to serve the functional performance in accordance with the responsibility held on the shoulders of IHECstaff, to implement the upcoming national entitlement.

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