Weekly Statement

The Board of Commissioners renews its national commitment to holding the parliamentary elections on the 10th of October, in accordance with the international standards.

The United Nations Assistance mission (UNAMI) is keeping pace with the preparations of IHEC throughout Iraq.

The experts of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) provide technical and media support for IHEC.

The Electoral Commission has completed printing the identification identities of political party agents, international and local observers and media professionals.

IHEC: the main and sub monitoring committees, are following up on the electoral campaigns of the candidates throughout Iraq.

After letters from the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, the Council of Ministers approves the Assignment of job grades for the contract-employees to include them on permanent stafff.

Weekly Statement

The Board of Commissioners renews its national commitment to conduct the upcoming electoral event with integrity, transparency, impartiality and justice on its scheduled date on the 10th of next October. IHEC has completed all the technical, legal and administrative preparations with the support and advice of the United Nations Electoral Assistance MissionUNAMI, which will enable it to conduct the upcoming electoral processAccordingly, the Board of Commissioners approved all the regulations and instructions that organize the conduct of the electoral process according to the timings of the operational schedule, and approved the deployment of polling centers and their stations for public and private voting, as well as the completion of the voter register for the general vote, which included (23,986,741) voters who will vote In the (8,273) polling centers, and (55,041) polling stations, which include about (450) voters per station, in addition to the special voting that will take place on 8th/October/2021 by using the biometric card exclusively,under the electoral law No. 9 of the year 2020, which includes (1,075,727) votersfrom the armed forces, as they will vote in (595) polling centers that includes (2.584) polling stations, adding the voting of (120,126)displaced voters who will cast their votes in (86) polling centersincluding (309) polling stations.

In line with these achievements, IHEC has completed the majority of its technical logistical preparations for the voting phase, which includes sensitive and non-sensitive materials, designing the ballot paper, which is in the final printing stages, and completing the guide of (3249) candidates that are approved by the Board of Commissioners.

With the launch of the candidates campaign since 8/7/2021, the IHEC has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Municipality of Baghdad and the Media and Communications Commission besides to thecoordination with the municipal departments to support the main and sub-committees formed under the lettersignedby the CEO, Judge (Abbas Farhan Hassan) to monitor and follow up the candidates’ campaigns and ensure their compliance with the conditions of the electoral campaign‘s regultion which is appeoved by the BoC. As well as coordination with the Supreme Security Committee for Elections, which assigned the hotline number (5669) to report electoral security violations and electoral violence.

In order to ensure the transparency of the electoral process, and to allow a wider scope for its monitoring, IHEC set the foundations and systems for accrediting observers, local and international media, and agents of political parties. Identification cards for these groups were printed through the Department of Information and Mass Communicationand proceeded to hand them over to the electoral district offices according to a plan prepared by the commission in coordination with the Supreme Security Committee for Elections, local cards will be distributed through GEOs in the next few days, while international identities will be approved in the national office and the office of Kurdistan Regional electoral Office.

On the other hand, with the receipt of (2,431,000) biometric cards from the Spanish company INDRA, the process of distributing the cards began on 5th of August through the registration centers of the GEOs throughout Iraq, as well as running mobile teams. The total number of biometric cards printed was (17,095.230) cards.

Among the ongoing preparations to prepare for the electoral process, IHEC has providedenogh numbers of one-day polling staff, as the number of applicants has exceeded more than (800) thousand applicants for work, to select (308,297) polling officials, and they will be selected by the specialized committee for this matter in the National Office according to a lottery process .

In the interest of the United Nations Electoral Assistance Mission (UNAMI), the UN team is communicating with all electoral offices to support and keep pace with the procedural, logistical and security technical preparations for the two phases of the distribution of the biometric voter card and the voting process carried out by the electoral offices and their readiness for the upcoming electoral event on 10/10/2021. The visit included inspecting the electoral materials warehouses of the commission to see the safety and security of the warehouses and the security measures taken to protect them and to ensure their readiness for the elections.

On the other hand, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) provides technical and media support to the work of the Commission through its experts in the field of operations. Where it coordinated with Procedures and Training Division” in the operation Directorate to conduct many workshops in Erbil. The first level of hierarchical training was carried out targeting (238) employees from the “training” and “registration centers” divisions in the GEOs, in addition to training (12) trainers from the “National Office: Procedures and Training Division” on general and private voting and counting and sorting procedures. The training centered on how to deal with the electronic devices used in the voting process.

In the aspect of media and mass communication, the International Foundation (IFES) recently contracted with two production cpmpanies to produce the work on the production of the advertisements production for the Media campaign conducted by IHEC.

The Board of Commissioners strives to assign contract-employees through many continuous official petitions to the relevant authorities, through official letters addressed by the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Judge (Jaleel Adnan Khalaf) to H.E the Prime Minister, the latest letter was included the urgent need for the Commission to assign operating contract-employees who have a technical and administrative experience and maitain good conduct and behavior; to be assigned on the permanent staff, as these letters resulted in the approval of the Council of Ministers to create job grades; For the purpose of assigning the contract-employees with the Electoral Commission, whose service exceeded (5) years or more, according to Article (61/b) of the Federal Budget Law.

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