Weekly Statement

To establish the foundations for democracy in Iraq, and to enhance voter confidence in the upcoming electoral process, and make it a model to be followed, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Independent High Electoral Commission, Judge (Jaleel Adnan Khalaf) signed a memorandum of understanding with H.E the ambassador of the European Union mission; For the purpose of supervising the procedures of the electoral process of the Iraqi Parliament elections for the year 2021, as It included the most important items of the convention which is providing the EU mission with the spreadsheets of polling centers and their affiliated stations, in additioto the sorting & counting centers for private and public voting throughout Iraq, as well as facilitating their access to them, and providing them with the necessary security protection, Accordingly, the European Union Mission is observing the elections by deploying its observers, who number more than (100) international observers.

In the same regard, and to expand the horizons of international observation of the upcoming electoral process, the Electoral Assistance Office of the United Nations Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) is working on completing the preparations related to monitoring the electoral process by deploying more than (130) international observers throughout Iraq. The mission’s work tasks expanded to include observing the electoral process, as well as providing support and technical advice to IHEC.

       In the context of international interest in the upcoming electoral event, number of ambassadors of Arab and foreign countries visit IHEC, they expressed their desire to send a number of observers; To participate in observing, following up, and evaluating the upcoming electoral process, the latest of which was the visit of H.E the ambassador of the Russian Federation and H.E the ambassador of the United Kingdom, where the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Judge (Jaleel Adnan Khalaf) confirmed the full readiness of the Electoral Commission to conduct the electoral event on the tenth of October of this year, after it completed all the technical and legal preparations that enabled it to conduct the elections on its time. At the same time, he commended the unparalleled international support for organizing and conducting the electoral process in accordance with international standards.

In the context of international support, the CEO Judge (Abbas Farhan Hassan) and the Director of Political Affairs and Electoral Assistance at the United Nations Office in Iraq; has attended the signing ceremony of the grant agreement provided by the Japanese government to Iraq for electoral assistance with the United Nations Development Program in Iraq at United Nations Headquarters in Baghdad, which includes equipping the IHEC with materials related to the prevention of Corona virus and electronic materials related to information technology. During the meeting, the chief executive officer stressed the need for the intensive international efforts to make the upcoming electoral process successful by sending teams to observe  it.

On the other hand, in the field of electoral preparations, the Board of Commissioners approved the operational plan for the centers for presenting the preliminary results of the elections, which was submitted by (UNAMI) the Electoral Assistance Office of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, and the plan will be implemented in coordination between IHEC and the international mission.

On the technical level, IHEC implemented the training pyramid for the training of the first and second levels for the staff of the training divisions in the electoral district offices, and the staff of the registration centers affiliated to it. The training included all activities related to voting procedures.

In regard to prepare the polling staff, IHEC has extended the application period to work as (polling officer) for another seven days, starting on 08/9/2021 via the link  found at the official website of the Commission. www.ihec.iq for the following constituencies exclusively:- the (12th ) and (15th ) electoral districts in Baghdad / Karkh, the (4th ) and (8th ) electoral districts in Baghdad / Rusafa, and the (3rd ) electoral districts and (5th ) and (6th ) in Nineveh Governorate, and the (2nd ) electoral district in Basra Governorate; This is for the purpose of securing the required numbers of polling staff with a reserve ratio.

In light of the professional analysis and diagnosis of aspects of the electoral process, the Board of Commissioners exempted the appellant from paying the isurance payment, (1000,000) dinars; For the purpose of manual recounting and sorting in accordance with the provisions of Article (38) of Electoral Law No. (9) of 2020.

For development and advancment of women and enhancing their role in the political society, the Women Empowerment Committee of the Independent High Electoral Commission held its periodic meeting headed by Dr. Ahlam Al-Jabri, Member of the Board of Commissioners and Head of the Women Empowerment Committee, which focused on the need to allow the active participation of women in the political life guranteed by the Iraqi constitution. the meeting was attended by representatives from the government agencies, namely, the Media and Communications and Human Rights Commission in the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as well as the participation of a representative of the United Nations in Iraq. Also Dr. Al-Jabri participated in the symposium held by the National Debate Center ; To discuss the electoral law and the work of the commission and its law.

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