Weekly Statement

IHEC adressing media outlets and civil organizations:- We are waiting for your role in raising awareness of the importance of participating in the elections.

 Chairman of the Board of Commissioners to the British Ambassador:- IHEC has completed most of the steps it set in the timetable to prepare for the election day.

 IHEC continues to dedacted (short-term) cards for 2015-2016 from the voter register.

the crucial stage of electoral preparations has begun, with the start of the countdown to the polling day which was scheduled to take place on 10th October, 2021 ; IHEC is calling on its staff, efforts, and energies to implement the upcoming elections with a high level of transparency and integrity and under the laws that regulating the electoral process, and with the aim of implementing this national entitlement on the base of protecting the voter’s interest in the electoral process. The Electoral Commission hopes that all media outlets, civil society organizations and those interested in electoral affairs will work to raise the awareness level of the society to realize the importance of participating in the upcoming parliamentary elections, because of its positive impact on the process of peaceful deliberation authority and to achieve security and stability in our beloved country.

Adopting the principle of transparency in the performance of tasks, IHEC prepared a quarterly report for the period from (1/4 – 30/6/2021) to be submitted to the Iraqi Parliament, which includes a summary of the institution’s activities and preparations related to the upcoming electoral process with all its legal, technical, administrative and financial aspects. As well as the activities of its offices in the Kurdistan region.

In the aspect of communicating with international missions, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Judge Jaleel Adnan Khalaf, welcomed, last Thursday, August the 5th , 2021, at the headquarters of the IHEC in Baghdad, H.E Mark Bryson-Richardson , the British Ambassador to Iraq and his accompanying delegation.

The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners indicated to H.E the Ambassador, that IHEC has completed most of the its set steps in timetable to prepare for the election day on 10th October, 2021, praising the international support for conducting the electoral process in a unique manner.

Within the framework of international cooperation, the CEO, Judge (Abbas Farhan Hasan), who attended the event of signing the MOG memorandum of granting between IHEC and the Japanese government concerning the electoral assistance in accordance with the United Nations Development Program in Iraq UNDP, the meeting took place at the United Nations HQ in Baghdad on Monday, 2/8/2021. In the presence of the Japanese Ambassador (Suzuki Kotaro) and the Director of Political Affairs and Electoral Assistance in the United Nations Office in Iraq, Mrs. (Ingebjörg Solrun Gisladóttir ), the agreement was signed on the Japanese side by Chargé d’Affairs, Mr. (Nakawaka Shu) and the organization’s official in Baghdad Mrs. Karima Nehma.

As for the human resources issue, IHEC has opened the door to apply for a job (data entry) to work on tabulating and entering the polling results, and then training them to carry out the task of entering the results of manual sorting & counting forms, as well as downloading the data of the memory stick .the conditions of appointment is that the The applicant must have at least a junior certificate, have experience in Software computers programs, be independent, and not affiliated with any political party.

The data entry process will be carried out by Results Management and Sorting Division, formerly known as (Data Entry Center) related to the Operations Department, which is the division concerned with receiving electronic results on polling day via (VSAT) and the memory stick (USB); For the purpose of matching these data, within a period of (24) hours after the end of the voting process, as stipulated in Article (38) of the Elections Law No. 9 of 2020, as well as receiving the results of the manual counting and sorting forms from the stations that will be recounted manually in case there is a difference in percentage 5% between manual and electronic counting and sorting based on the aforementioned legal Article.

In order to simplify the procedures for those wishing to apply for a position (polling officer), IHEC has worked on this regard to extend the application time for seven other days, starting from 2nd – 8th of August ,2021, and it has also formed working groups from GEOs to visit the departments and institutions of rthe state throughout Iraq to receive directly the applications from those wishing to work.

In the same regard, the Electoral Commission receives complaints from applicants for the position of (polling officer) who did not submit their forms to the registration centers, through the complaints window on the official website of the IHEC www.ihec.iq , provided that the complainant attaches the complaint with the form explaining the reasons of not receiving his form.

In another context, IHEC pays a great attention to the role of women in the upcoming elections, and is working to improve their reality and enhance their status and legal entitlements in the October elections, as the Women Empowerment Committee of the Independent High Electoral Commission held its periodic meetings headed by Dr. (Ahlam Al-Jabri), member of the Board of Commissioners and Head of the Higher Committee To support the participation of women in the elections, the meeting was attended by Media representatives and Communications and Human Rights Commission in the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as well as the participation of a representative from the United Nations in Iraq; to discuss mechanisms that would allow the active participation of women in the upcoming elections, they also discussed ideas that enhance the implementation of the committee’s tasks and unify the work between the relevant authorities to implement the plan to support women that was launched on the 17th of last June within the timetable set for implementation until the polling day on the 10th of next October.

The Electoral Commission continues to work to withhold electronic cards for 2015-2016 of the voter register; to ensure that they are not used on polling day.

 work is proceeding with the audit company to check the test the servers and Medium, as well as with MIRU company the manufacturer of electoral equipment; To discuss the mechanism of software development in preparation for the second simulation process, which is scheduled to take place in mid-August.


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