Weekly Statement

  • Candidates’ election campaigns ,will continue until 06:AM, on Thursday the 7th/October/2021.
  • The Commission renews its commitment to complete the necessary preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections as scheduled ,on 10th October2021 .
  • IHEC media for its first field visit among the Iraqi people in Karada district in Baghdad, to communicate directly with voters.

          In preparation for the election of the Iraqi Parliament, which is scheduled to take place on the tenth of October 2021, under Elections Law No. (9) Of 2020, Chapter Seven indicating to the electoral Campaign, as Article 22 stipulated: – Free election campaigning is a guaranteed right to the candidate under the provisions of this law. This law starts from the date of approval on the lists of candidates by IHEC, and ends (24) hours before the beginning of poling Therefore, the Board of Commissioners decided that the electoral campaigns for the candidates on 8/7/2021, which will continue until 06: A.M on Thursday the 7th/October/2021.

          Accordingly IHEC has formed central monitor committees in the National Office; and sub-committees in all GEOs, to undertake the task of following up the electoral campaigns of the candidates and their compliance with the electoral campaign regulation No. (5) Of 2020, which was approved by the Board of Commissioners and published on the official website of IHEC https://ihec.iq/, in addition to the memorandum of cooperation signed between IHEC and Baghdad Municipality regarding coordinating work and support in implementing the promotion mechanism in streets, squares and roads, and coordinating with municipal constituencies throughout Iraq in the same aspect. The Commission also signed a MoU with Media and Communications Authority; for the purpose of supporting the follow-up of promotion methods through audio-visual media.

          The Independent High Electoral Commission, represented by its chairperson and members, is very serious about its commitment to complete the necessary preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections at its scheduled date, in line with its work and mission, in an effective and efficient manner, with integrity, transparency and justice. As all the procedures of designing the ballot paper and printing it in the specialized printing house. This stage came after the end of the withdrawal period set by the commission earlier between the13th and the 20th of June, 2021, where the names of the elections candidates, were approved after the audit process was carried out by the relevant authorities, and then each candidate obtained a serial number according to a public lottery conducted in the national office and all governorate offices.

          In another context, and within the preparation of providing human resources for the polling day, the electoral commission is still receiving applications of the one-day polling employees who submitted their electronic forms via official website link, and via IHEC official social communication sites, over period of (24) hours until 1/8/2021.

          It is worth noting that the applicant who wants to work as a polling employee should submit a paper form to any registration center in the GEOs, attaching the required official documents. Applicants who did not withdraw the paper form must withdraw it again form the link in IHEC website; and submit it to any registration center, to be officially approved.

          The Commission’s media staff of (Information and Mass Communication Department) completed its first field tour in Karrada district in Baghdad, to communicate directly with voters, and to make a survey about their point of views to convey a full picture of the Commission’s methodology set by the Board of Commissioners since they occupy their posts and hold responsibilities until this time, when an Advanced stage work was reached for the upcoming October elections.

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