Weekly Statement

IHEC’s BoC Chairperson, Judge (Jaleel Adnan Khalaf), members of the (BoC) Board of Commissioners, and the CEO (Chief of Executive Office) confirmed their commitment of conducting the CoR ( the Iraqi Council ofRepresentative elections) on the tenth of next October, and that IHEC is working on an operational schedule with timetables for each stage of the electoral process.

Transparency of IHEC’s work’s paths, reflects the essence of the electoral process, as the BoC accredited on the procedures related to the announcing of the primary electoral resultscenters, according to the suggested project proposed by (UNAMI) the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq. IHEC has adopted a transparent procedures for all Stakeholders (voters, parties Candidates, media outlets, andobservers) and all those interested in electoral affair; by informing them with the initial results of the CoR elections in their electoral stations onthe level of the constituency, where there will be a sufficient size display screen in each electoral office; so the preliminary results could be viewed clearly in October 2021elections the tenth.

In a related context, UNAMI works with theMedia & public outreach Directorate and its divisions in IHEC; to develop a mechanism for tabulating the results of the approved candidates and their electoral digit, each according to his/hergovernorate and constituency, to make it more easy for Stakeholders to search in the official website of IHEC.

With proceeding with the final preparations for holding the elections, the Board of Commissioners approved the forms for designing the ballot papers (general voting), which include the names of the candidates for the constituencies, their digits and logos of (83) constituency that distributed among (19) GEO’s, in addition it approve on the form of the (Special Voting’s ballot paper for the CoR 2021 Iraqi Parliament elections.

The BoC approved the general voter register which consist of (8,273) polling center and (55,041) polling station, as the number of voters for general voting is (23,986,741) after deleting the data of (43,293) deceased voters whose names were received from the Ministry of Healthand still working on receiving the rest of the names to close the list. the BoC also approved the voter register for special voting of (595)special polling center, (2,584) polling stations, and (1,075,727) voters from the armed forces and security services, as well as(671) voters in prisons which (6) Six polling stations were allocated for prisoners in governorates:(Duhok, Wasit, Muthanna, Maysan, and Sulaymaniyah).

The register of migrants & IDPs included (120,126) voters, as (86) polling stations were allocated for them, with a total of (309) polling stations.

IHEC adopts international standards in its electoral work, which were obvious from its methodology of revelation and by informing thegeneral opinion of all its procedures and preparations, under the Law of the Independent High Electoral Commission (Chapter III, BoC authorities; Article 10 / IV), which states “accreditation of electoral observers, and agentsof Political entities, and media, and international observers”, as the Board of Commissioners had previously accredited on the regulations of ( Media outlet), and regulation of (agents of candidates, parties and political alliances) , according to which the GEOscontinue to approve the (421) agents of candidates, parties and political alliances, and(320) local observation teams, until 15/7/2021, in addition to the accreditation of domestic media.

The BoC had earlier accredited the regulationand special directions of registering and accrediting international observers for CoR 2021(the elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives 2021). The Committee of International Observers in the National Office still receiving applications of registration via the e-mail ([email protected]), also the International Observers will be accredited in the electoral office of Iraqi Kurdistan region. Where the printing of their cards related to the accreditation process, is started at the Iraqi Media Network Printing house.

It is noteworthy to mention that all the regulations and instructions of CoR elections (the Iraqi Council of Representatives in October 2021) accredited by the Board of Commissioners; are available on the official website of the Electoral Commission (https://ihec.iq).

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