Weekly Statement

• IHEC … allows to start the electoral campaigns.

• IHEC… is preparing to implement the first simulation process for public and private voting on this July 12th.

• Chairman of the Board of commissioners and the minister of High education and scientific research are discussing the technique of supervising the electoral centers at polling day

IHEC is preparing to conduct the first simulation process of public and private voting ,scheduled to occur on 12th, July, 2021 , In light of the quickness developments in IHEC’ work within the polling stage, and with the start of the actual countdown to the polling day for the election of the Iraqi Parliament on 10-10-2021, and after finishing the process of allocating numbers for 3,244 accredited nominators who has their named approved by the Board of Commissioners throughout Iraq, and allowing them to start with their electoral campaigning starts on (7/8-2021 until 06:00 A.M, on Thursday ,7/10/2021).

IHEC is preparing to implement the first simulations process of the General voting (public and private) , on July 12th , in one station located in one registration center, means in each of (1079) registration centers spread throughout Iraq; To ensure the accuracy and accelerated execution of the electoral electronic devices and the possibility of transforming the results adequately from the stations to the National Office in IHEC , through specialized staff from the Simulation Committee , in cooperation with the Korean MIRU Company, under the supervision of the German audit Company HENSOLDT, and in the presence of (UNAMI) the United Nations Assistance Mission, and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES),under the coverage of the media outlet..

On the other hand, IHEC in acting under Article (39) of Elections Law No. (9), 2020, which stipulates: “Private voting shall take place (48) hours before the date of the public voting, according to the biometric voter card exclusively…” That’s why the Operations and information technology Department-One of IHEC’s departments- has finished the final deployment schedule for the special voters from the security forces, which includes: (Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Counter-Terrorism Service, Ministry of Interior of Kurdistan Region, Ministry of Pêşmerge ), who will vote for their electoral constituencies using the biometric voter card, whose number is (1,075,727) voters distributed among the (595) polling centers, and (2,584) polling stations.

The aforementioned constituency will also provide the final matrix of (120,126) IDPs & immigrants voters, to be distributed on (86) polling center related to them, and on (296) polling stations, where the IDPs have the right to vote in the location they reside in, and grant their voices to their original districts from which they were immigrated, using the biometric card exclusively, in the election of the Iraqi Parliament Council on the 8th, October, 2021.

In the aspect of the institutional support for the electoral process, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Judge ( Jaleel Adnan Khalaf), met the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research on 7-8-2021; To discuss a presentation of the mechanism adopted by the Commission to implement the Cabinet Resolution No. 174 of 2021, which includes hiring services of the university professors which includes assigning supervision’s tasks to them regarding the polling day of more than (8.000) eight thousands teachers who will be distributed among (16) electoral centers, with providing a sufficient spare number , and opening training centers in each university in coordination with the electoral offices in the governorates.

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