Weekly Statement

In order to consolidate the electoral process and ensure that it will be conducted in 10th October 2021, in accordance with international standards, IHEC sets mechanisms for the use of the short-term electronic card to ensure good voting by presenting official documents, as well as conducting the matching process for its owners under Article 39/Fifth/C of the electoral law using the ten fingerprints, bearing in mind that short-term cards will be punched and withdrawn after the voting process.

In preparation for the lottery for candidates’ numbers in the coming days, IHEC is working on forming a central committee headed by the Secretary-General of the Board of Commissioners and the membership of a number of employees specialized in administrative, legal and information technology aspects, to follow up on the preparations of electoral offices in all governorates to conduct the lottery, as well as forming Sub-committees in the electoral offices to prepare the crucial requirements, under the supervision and follow-up of the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners and members of the Commission.

On a related level, the IHEC had earlier set conditions and disciplines to regulate the electoral campaign mechanism for candidates based on Elections Law No. (9) of 2020, with the formation of teams to monitor violations of these campaigns, and the locations to set up propaganda in coordination with the Municipality of Baghdad and its and municipality’s departments, as well as Coordination with the media and communication Body, regarding violations of the audio-visual media. IHEC also receives complaints regarding violations of electoral campaigning in the National Office and all governorates’ electoral offices, and when the violation is proved, IHEC will impose penalties against offenders, who must be hold responsible for the violation and its consequences; according to Chapter Eight of the Elections Law entitled (Penal Provisions).

In the context of the polling complaints’ instructions and appeals related to the upcoming parliamentary elections, the Board of Commissioners decided a decision stating that: (The one who appeals against any polling station or center to recounting and sorting manually the votes; in accordance with the provisions of item (38/first) of the Parliament Election Law No. (9) For the year 2020; is obligated to provide(1,000,000) million dinars as an insurance amount , and the amount is recorded as a final revenue to the state treasury in the event that the results of manual counting and sorting; match the results of the appeal, with the results of electronic counting and sorting).

On the other hand, the Electoral Commission is continuing in receiving applicants for one-day polling staff, through this link ( ) available at the official website, and the official social media sites of IHEC, also the Board of Commissioners decided to determine the amount (150,000) one hundred and fifty thousand dinars as a financial reward to the polling staff consisted of employees from the institutions of the State accompanied with a letter of thanks & appreciation submitted from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. As for students and graduates from universities and institutes, (250,000) two hundred and fifty thousand dinars will be given to them as a financial reward.

With the completion of the voter register for the general vote, the voter can find out the name of the registration center, the polling station, and the status of his biometric registration; through this link of the voter register (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/voter-list/id1148396230 ) available in both stores: (Google Play and the App Store), by searching the personal voter’s number or by personal information, in case the voter did not receive his own electoral card.

As to the keenness of IHEC to conduct the upcoming parliamentary elections in accordance with international standards, the Board of Commissioners, represented by its President and members, had met the President of the Republic of Iraq in the presence of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) in an expanded meeting held on Tuesday, 29/6/2021, which included recommendations and suggestions to improve the integrity of the upcoming elections.

Both, political parties, and organizations-have a number license of establishment ,or under establishment – who want to change the name of their political party; they should follow the controls and instructions set by IHEC to be maintained by them to regulate this process , by submitting an application via the Department of Parties and Political Organizations Affairs exclusively, and signed by the party leader or whoever is entitled to do so and pay (12.5000000 million) twelve million five hundred thousand Iraqi dinars  which is not refundable.

With the increase of pace of work, the Board of Commissioners is keening to follow up on work in all governorates electoral offices; to specify the obstacles facing the work in order to find effective solutions to them

 As for staff training and skills development, IHEC implemented the hierarchical training curriculum to train employees from technical specialties within the first level, which included the mechanism of using voting devices (electronic verification device and results accelerator devices As part of the implementation of the plan of IHEC for the Improvement of Women to participate in the upcoming Iraqi Parliament elections, IHEC implemented a training course targeting female candidates to explain the election law, the mechanism for counting votes, and the terms of electoral campaigns. This course considered the first among series of development courses to be implemented according to the schedule prepared for that.

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