outside country voting 2018


IHEC / Out of country voting office has announced a job opening for those who are willing to works as a polling officers at IHECs centers and stations in the following countries : ( Turkey, Iran, UAE, Lebanon, Denmark, Germany, Egypt, Canada, USA, Netherlands, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Finland, UK, Newlands, Belgium ) the applications must be submitted  through the electronic form for a period up to two days ( 2018/4/17-16), provided that the form is to be sent to the E-emails of concerned countries.


To access the electronic form … press here 


Ocv5.naroij@gmail.com Norway Center

Austriaocv2018@gmail.com Austria Center

ocv.belgium@gmail.com  Belgium Center

ocv5.finland@gmail.com Finland Center

ocv5.lobnan@gmail.com  Lebanon Center 

nywzlnda24@gmail.com  Newlands Center 

australia429@gmail.com  Australia Center 

ocv.jordan@gmail.com Jordan Center

ocv5uae@gmail.com UAE Center

ocv5.danmark@gmail.com Denmark Center

ocv5.sweden@gmail.com Sweden Center 

ocv5germany@gmail.com Germany Center

ocv5.usa@gmail.com USA Center

ocv5.iran@gmail.com Iran Center

ocv5uk@gmail.com  UK Center

ocv5.canada@gmail.com Canada Center

ocv5egypt@gmail.com Egypt Center

ocv5.netherlands@gmail.com Netherland Center

 ocv5.turkey@gmail.com Turkey Center


Names of candidates approved by IHEC for the Parliamentary Election …Last updated 2018/5/10



Form No.151

Form No.152

Form No. 153

Form No. 154

Form No. 155


Procedures and accreditation of political parties’ agents for Out Of Country Voting in the Parliamentary Elections 2018


Registration and Accreditation Procedures of Media Representativesin CountriesAbroad Council of Representatives Elections of the Year 2018



Registration and Accreditation Procedures for the local Observation Teams in Out- of-Country For the Iraqi Council of Representatives and Governorate Council Elections in 2018